By:  M. Larae  Ongoing
Language: English
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Sofia Cherilyn Sánchez is beautiful, gorgeous, smart and sexy. She's the Queen bee of her high school and she has the perfect life, perfect boyfriend and everything.Noah José Álvarez is the son of her father's best friend. Who recently moved to L.A leaving his life in Miami.He is handsome, mature and sophisticated. Sofia has never met anyone like him, She thinks Noah is too serious and he should loosen up a bit. And Noah thinks Sofia is a spoilt little brat and she should be more serious.The minute Sofia and Noah met, there has been undeniable attraction between them but none of them wants to admit it, after a couple of stolen kisses their desire for each other is undeniable but they are both too proud to admit their feelings for each other until jealousy gets in the way.

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59 Chapters
 PROLOGUE"What are you thinking about?" He asked."About our kiss" I answered after a short silence in small voice which I almost didn't recognize. "What are you thinking?" I asked and then feeling a little stupid for asking after."I'm thinking about how much I enjoy kissing you," he says looking straight into my eyes.Unable to tear our gaze from each other. Noah turned his face into my hand and kissed my palm. The tremor that ran through her when he did it seemed to shake through him as well. He kissed my forehead and then moved my hair away from my f
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CHAPTER 2Sofia's POV     
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 CHAPTER 3Sofia's POVI ignored Noah for the whole week, after his stupid outburst on calling me a spoilt little brat. But for some reason, I've been thinking about him more than I'm
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 CHAPTER 4Sofia's POV     
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 CHAPTER 5Sofia's POV It was finally Monday morning. I woke up a little early, got dressed in a red top and jeans shorts. I put on some makeup, perfectly winged eyeliner, little lip gloss.
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 CHAPTER 6Sofia's POVAfter Jasmine left I carried one of the car keys and drove to see Zack. He's probably at home with the guys, we all hang out together all time at his house or mine.
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 CHAPTER 7Sofia's POV It has been days since my make out session with Noah, I still can't believe it really happened. I can't stop thinking about it, whenever I close my eyes I see him loo
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 CHAPTER 8Sofia's POV I didn't realize I fell asleep watching game of thrones till I woke up the next morning to find me tucked in my bed. Noah must have tucked me in when I fell asleep. I carry my cellphone checki
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 CHAPTER 9I text Ryan back, suggesting we have a movie hang out. And he was up for it texting back immediately asking which time to pick me up. I replied back saying 5 so that I can have an hour to get ready.Zack and the guys leave immediately after Paula and Jake finish making up atleast that's what it looks like because they're both smiling.
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 CHAPTER 10I walk inside with Noah walking behind me, I swear I could feel his eyes on my ass. When we get inside he follows me downstairs to the basement without a word. "So how your date?" He asks when I turn around. "It was good, I had fun."His expression changes for a moment, he looked mad before he composes himself and says "So you're going out with him again?""No" I say."Why? I thought you had fun." "Yeah I did but I'm not ready for a relationship right now and I wouldn't want to lead him on." I
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