He got up QUICKLY from lying on the bed but suddenly dropped again his body when he felt the delicate pain from his forehead. He gently stroked it and felt a bandage on his head. He closes his eyes again, emphatically.

"Are you okay Sir Nabeshin?" He heard his secretary's question at the foot of his bed. He could feel her gaze. She said he had suddenly fainted earlier.

"Y-yes," he replied shortly.

From his closeness, Von's face reappeared in his pupil. Even the familiar emotion he felt again.

"You can leave now, Shan ..." he said.

He heard the woman's sigh before the mattress sagged near him, an indication that it sat next to him.

"But why, Nine? If you have a problem you can count on me," she said sincerely. When they were just two he allowed her to call him by his code name.

Although they had known each other before, he had never been comfortable with it, he could not see himself agreeing with it. Even when he touched her cheek with her palm, he didn't feel anything, he seemed to felt a part that he had lost for a long time ...

"Just leave me alone, Five," he finally said.

Shaking, she stood up while staring at his face.

"I don't know what's the problem with you, Nine," Shan said. "If the reason is what happened then ... just forget it, Nabeshin. It's not your fault!"

He slowly opened his eyes, noticing the agony.

"Isn't it really my fault, Five?" he asked there.

"Because from any angle it's still clear in the mere fact that it's my fault!"

You can see the pity on Shan's face for the guy, she has been doing all that for several years. She slowly reached for Nabeshin's hand and then kissed it so that somehow the young man's would be lightened, as if in that way, would feel that it would not leave his side.

"Don't worry, as long as I'm here, Nine. Everything will be okay."

Shan glanced at the guy with a thin smile. The woman's smile has been going crazy ever since, no matter what happens she promises herself that she will not leave Nabeshin. Even the truth is that they are starting to be charged with the truth from behind Nabeshin's bitter past ...


"I'M HERE!" Toji greeted Nabeshin warmly when he returned home. There is no denying that he felt very happy.

They met Von, although the girl has not been communicating with them in recent days, he does not let them lose its connection.

'Lisa' is the code name they gave here because it suits the female character. get along Generous, always understanding.

Using the GPS installed on Von's cellphone, he tracked it down to a bookstore, was there and carefully reading mythical books. He couldn't help himself to relive what had happened to the two of them and Von.


FROM the corner of the bookstore, he was just reading it while Toji continued to simply follow its every move. Although Von is just a simple girl, Toji still can't deny that there is something strange about it. He has the ability to see color in voices. His ability is called Synesthesia, his ability is rare, there are only a few like him in this world.

When they first met Von and heard its voice, he had already seen it in a strange color. In his whole life, this is the first time he has seen a pale yellow color ... and it makes her more interesting to him. He seemed even more attracted to the girl. He loved seeing it and talking to her all the time. He could only hear her voice, already giving tens of thousands of happiness to Toji.

He approached Von slowly, even when he got closer she was still unaware of his presence. It seemed so deep in thought at those times.

"What are you reading?" he asked her.

She turned to him quickly, she could clearly see the surprise in her narrow eyes. He waited for her to speak but she just stared at him. He just decided to turn around and walk away, which he did.

"What's your plan, Hisami?" its question.

He didn't answer, he just smiled at her. He approached a vending machine and dropped a coin into the slot to get a drink. He came up with an idea that could possibly alleviate whatever Von was thinking. She's so serious in life, the lady is too young to be like that.

"I have a trick for you, to somehow have fun." He pressed a button on the vending machine, and dropped the cola he ordered he took it and gave it to Von. The girl reached for it even though she was wondering, it looks like that it becomes even cuter in his eyes.

When Von had already opened the cola, Toji quickly snatched his mint from his pocket and dropped it into the mouth of the softdrink. In less than a few seconds, the cola bubbled and overflowed into the girl's hand. Confused, Von moved the bottle of cola in his hands while Toji laughed.

Soon he left quickly, he felt like his day was over because of his trip with Von.

He was walking towards the location of his motorbike with other pedestrians in Tokyo when he heard Von call his name. He stopped when he noticed that the girl was gasping for breath as he chased after him. Toji confronted the girl who also stopped nearby.

"Von," he began as he stared into the other's eyes, the smile on his lips. "If you want someone to talk to. I'm just here ready to listen ..."

After saying that, he turned around and approached his motorbike. He put on a helmet and pulled the car away. Von was left looking after him, with a smile on her lips.


TOJI ACKNOWLEDGES that his relationship with Von is very dangerous because he already has responsibilities that must be prioritized and paid attention to.

Toji's smile faded slightly from his lips when he saw Nabeshin looking out the window, in his eyes a mixture of sadness and bitterness.

"H-hey Nine, have you eaten yet?" he asked, he would have approached the friend but he was immediately stunned when he spoke.

"You seem to be enjoying being with Von," he accuses. There was a heaviness in his voice. He can't blame it. He has become accustomed to being the only one with them since their parents disappeared.

"Ahm, yes. I was just listening to her problem, Nabeshin." He immediately explained.

The friend did not speak, his face still had no emotion. Later, Toji said goodbye to sleep because there was still work for the next day. Nabeshin's gaze just followed Toji's walking away, he slowly clenched his fist due to the increasing weight on his chest.

Toji and Von are in the same class, while Nabeshin is in the higher section. The young man sat at his desk opposite the desktop then thought deeply. Then a smirk tore from its lips.

The young man had been in front of the computer for half an hour, busy hacking.

He is determined, that the attack to be made for such a situation has been mastered. He didn't really think he could use that with his friend Toji.

After an hour Nabeshin immediately turned off the computer, a smile glued to his lips until it pulled him drowsy.


ONE beautiful morning saw those hours. As usual he found Toji at the dining table. It didn't seem to sleep, he quickly took a cup and brewed coffee. He waited for Toji to greet him but he didn't.

"Aren't you coming in, Twelve?" he asked here after sipping coffee.

Toji slowly put aside the cellphone he was holding, the anxiety on his face was obvious.

"H-maybe not, Lisa doesn't want to see me anymore. I-I don't know why it suddenly happened like that," he says poorly.

"Let her go, it's good that we can finish episode two of ZNT by now."

He nodded slowly at the same time as he stood up reluctantly.

"All right I'll just take a shower," he said goodbye.

He just let it go, he just continued drinking coffee. Nabeshin doesn't care if his friend gets hurt, as long as nothing can hinder his dream. In fact he called and left a voice message to Toji. Fortunately, he was able to easily hack Von's account, even though he could easily imitate his voice because of the app that he just discovered recently.

Importantly, he is the one to be followed by all. Everything is planned. Even Toji and their dream, that they are just the two of them. But that has gradually changed since Von arrived, barely taking care of its part in their project. He only has a little time left so they need to be able to release their project before that moment arrives. He would not let himself be the only one to feel what he was going through now.

He wanted everyone in the world to feel that he existed in the world.

Be given justice for the loss of his parents during World War II and the trauma it caused him.

He wants everyone to feel that!

Through their anime series ZNT, he will be able to achieve what he has long hoped for. Even if he dies, he will remember them when he is gone ...

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