"Look, cut the crap. We both know, you don't want to see me here. Trust me, I don't want to be here as well. But I can not help it all. I did not come here with my free will. I was forced to come here and talk to you. Revero forced me to come here. Look, all you have the do is come with me and allow them to click a few photographs. Then I will be free and so will you be." She said and I literally felt like killing Revero at that moment. But I controlled myself. I was sitting into my office and I did not want to create a scene there.

"Well, guess what. Revero knows well that I will never work for him or his company. He also knows that I will never go to that hell hole. That was the reason why he sent you here. He might know that I followed you on i*******m. So why in hell I will work for his company?" I asked her in an angry tone and she sighed. Seeing that disappointed look, I knew she would just go away. That was not what I was thinking. I did not want her to go. Just then I remembered the reason behind my stress and frustration.

An idea popped up into my mind and I smirked mischievously. I did not know if it would work out or not but I needed to do it. "Well, we can think of a way to get this work out between us. But you have to tell me one thing first. Will you do anything to get me to work with Revero?" I asked her with a raised brow. She gave me a confused look but she then signed and nodded her head.

"I am willing to do anything to get you to the Revero's production house. I just want myself to be out of that hell hole. He played me. He lied to me. And now he thinks that I would think of working with them for another six months." She replied in an angry tone and I mentally patted myself. But of course, I did not show that to her. I needed to keep myself composed in front of her.

"Alright then, let's come to the point. My grandmother had fixed me up with her friend's granddaughter. And she had given me six months to find a girl. If I do not find anyone until my sister's wedding, that is in six months, I will be forced to marry that bitch. So, I want you to sign a deal with me. I will work with Revero to get you free from him. But in return, you have to be my contracted wife for six months." I said and she stood up from her chair. She slammed her hands on my desk in anger.

"What do you think of me? Am I a bitch to you or a fuck doll? You can not use me like this." She replied angrily and walked away. She was about to open the door of my office when I went after her and stopped her at the door.

"You miss understood me. I said a contract marriage. It will only be for six months. You think after this, Revero would leave you. I will only work with you. After that, he will do everything to manipulate you. So let's just say, that deal would be for your safety as well. I am not interested in marriage and relationships. I just want to show my grandmother that I can not be happy with a family and all. I am happy with the life I have. I want to show her that no woman can live with me. So you will just play the role of my wife." I explained myself further. For a minute, I thought she was all calmed and was thinking about the idea. But suddenly she looked up at me with furious eyes.

She gritted her teeth and stepped out of my office. I did not understand what was the reason. Not until I looked around. Then I saw what she had seen. The woman who was called to satisfy me, she left her panties in my office on purpose. Mostly that happened because they wanted me to go to them. But I always threw those panties away whenever I had found any. But this time, I wanted to go and return that panty to it's owner. I called Kevin and asked him the address of the bitch who left her panty in my office.

Hesitantly, but he gave me the address. I stepped out of my office and went straight to the parking lot. I hopped into my car and without telling anyone, I drove off. 

I stopped my car in front of an apartment building. I stepped out of my car and went straight to the apartment of that bitch. I knocked at the door of her apartment as I had found it. I was not surprised to see her standing in front of me in a lingerie. She was waiting for me. I was sure that there would be cameras around and inside her apartment. 

She opened her mouth to say hi but I stuffed her panty inside her mouth. She looked at me with a frown. I grabbed her hair and pulled them aggressively. "Who asked you to leave your panty into my office? You thought I would come here and return you this with a warm night. Well guess what, I don't fuck bitches anymore. So next time, do as you are told to do. You have gotten money to suck my cock, not to leave your panty there. If I see your ugly face ever again, I will show you how dangerous I could be." I warned her in an angry tone.

 I pushed her and she fell on the floor. She started crying and I saw a few people coming out of the corners they were all hiding in. Ignoring them all, I made my way back to the parking lot. I hopped into my car and drove away. Not to the office, also not to the mansion, but somewhere else. Where I could be alone for a while. Protection Status