I run down the hallway to find the school bathroom turning my head left and right. Then when I turn left again I see the Group of Seven and Oh. My. God. What. Is. What?!. And I run into a trashcan.

To keep me from actually falling into the trashcan, I push with my hands in front of me trying to balance myself but end up falling on the floor.

A lot of people start to laugh and I look up at them. Or more specifically I look up at one guy because how can I not? He is gorgeous. He is mesmerizing. He is basically shining the light of beauty into my eyes. Mr Popular has smile applied to his face but it's not too much and it's not too little. It's fucking perfect. His eyes are so flawlessly drawn and his face is just as flawless and his styled black hair matches everything and his skin is goals and...

"Are you okay in there?" A girl next to His majesty asks and I think it's either Nee? Nia?

My cheeks turn bright red and I quickly stand up facing the Group Seven and then I see Ash boyfriend.

"Ash is single!" I blurt out without thinking heeding Sammy warning and my blush deepens. The entire group starts to laugh and I want to cry. And yet I don't because the sound of His Royalness laughing is magic and totally worth the embarrassment. Probably seeing my state they try to stop laughing.

"Yeah I think we know that but that wasn't my question," The same girl says with a grin.

Oh yeah. But why was she asking if I'm okay?...right I almost fell into a...FUUUCKK!! I ALMOST FELL INTO A TRASHCAN IN FRONT OF THE HOTTEST GUY IN THE UNIVERSE!!! I swear to god this can only happen to me! Now I really wanna cry but all I can do is just stare at the idiotic trash can gaping. And the group start laughing again at my expression and seriously that goddamn blush on my cheeks never stops shining brighter. And then they start to introduce themselves.

"I'm Nia ." The girl introduces themselves happily. Then the grumpy guys are next Alexander being one of them.

"I'm Kan." " You clearly already know who I am"

"I'm Mark."

" And I'm Team" These two guys are really enthusiastic. Only Elven left. But the Bad Boy just stands there smirking and oh that smirk can do things. It can make people melt, it can make people bolt for their lives and it can start wars. Nia answers instead.

"You probably already know this is Brandon," She says and gestures towards him. And again without thinking my stupid not-used-to socializing big fucking mouth opens and blurts out:

"O-oh I thought your name was either Ban or Bon b-but I was unsure so I-I just referred to you as ''His Majesty'' so I-I..." Then I finally manage to stop myself from talking because what the actual hell am I saying??!!!

They all stare at me dumbstruck. Even Brandon. And then as if someone pushed a button they all start to laugh uncontrollably.

Mark and In are on the ground and the girl is leaning against the wall trying to hold themselves up. Even grumpy Elven and Alexander are laughing. Brandon is holding himself up by using Kan's shoulder and I've officially humiliated myself and I should be banned from ever speaking to a human being ever again because besides my siblings I just don't know how to. So I do the only thing I can do. The thing I almost did during the first lesson: run like ten hellhounds are chasing me.

"Hey! Wait a minute!" Again I don't know which person asks it but this is the second group today that probably thinks I'm a freak.

I finally find a bathroom and I start to wash my face attempting to cool it down because god I am red. My cheeks are seriously sticking out like two tomatoes. Oh god what have I done...*PING*

I glance down at my phone that managed to survive the humiliating fall and see a text from. Sammy? And it's from a group chat with Ash, Clare, Sammy I stare totally confused and then open the text.


Hey Braze! You looked really sick when you left I hope you're okay. If you're not then you should go home because you seriously didn't look well. Btw I added our phone numbers and added you to our group when you were what looked like really deep in thought because I told you but when I wanted to hand back your phone you didn't react and then you suddenly took it and left. Just so you don't think I took your phone without permission.

Oh. Then I get another text from the group.


We also wanted to ask you if we could hang out this weekend. Watch a movie or something?



Yeah man, we're thinking Sunday? Fast and Furious 8?

Whoa.. wait they're asking me out? They don't think I'm weird for just bolting? Wow, I guess this school is really open-minded but what should I answer? I mean if I go I'll have no idea what to talk about and as you can see I'm really bad at talking. Then again they're probably already aware of that so they know I won't say much right? Plus they can't be asking me out, out of pity because I'm new, because then they would only hang out with me in school and not outside. And I seriously need to change my lifestyle so I quickly text a "yeah sure" before changing my mind.

Now just what the hell is Fast and Furious 8?

I walk out of the bathroom trying to block all thoughts of Jia but I do remember the Group Seven so I avoid taking the same route while I google Fast and Furious. Well, if I'm not going to be clueless at Sunday I have to binge-watch this film series.

I manage to avoid seeing Jia and meeting Group Seven for the rest of the day and instead I focus on Sammy, Clare and Ash who are actually pretty fun to be with. We even stay a bit in the hallway after school and start to talk about whatever. Even I participate a little and I can slowly feel myself getting used to these three people. When I come home Alex and Jace are already there and they're eating dinner without me. I sit down at the table and then mum starts asking about our day. Correction. She starts asking Alex and Jace about their day and just nods once in my direction.

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