The Prophecy of Apollo

Everyone was terrified when Damon threw them out with his screaming. He didn't die to the silver net and his body was almost burned but when the huge fire leaves his body, he was still standing as nothing happened. His red eyes widened in anger and when he walked towards them, the ground was shaking. 

" It's impossible! Vampires died by using silver tools for them but why he survived?" Alexis said while staying still on the shaky ground. 

"I told you, you can't defeat me! I will rule the world and no one can stop me!" He said with his croaky voice while coming for them. 

Thamer found himself near the lake while Diana was thrown out near the big tree. Poor Steph, she didn't make it. Damon's blood ate up her human blood and she got poisoned inside. She was killed instantly.

Thamer winced because he was in his human form when that happened. They thought that they could kill him easily but they forgot what's

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