My Guardian Angel

Chapter 4


She was the girl of my dreams. I knew it. I saw her in my dreams! 


What a coincidence that my dream came true. I didn't expect that those image of a girl from my dream was real and she was right beside me alive and smiling at me. Earlier in our class when she suddenly appeared at the door entrance, I closed my eyes and made a second look again. I wanted to make sure if she was just my imagination or was she real then it makes sense because she was totally real!

I didn't like what our professor said to her in front of us. It's not a good manner to approach a late student like that even it was only a joke. I started to hate him that way.

Anyway, my happiness and excitement doubled because she was also my seatmate for our Mythology subject.

By the way, I'm Thamer Reid, a third-year college student taking up Business Management. I'm already eighteen years of age and started to like Diana Scott, my hot seatmate.

What a bombshell!!! Then I smirked again.

Tomorrow I'll go talk to her. I want her to be my friend. 

First day of school!!!

First crush?

The girl in my dream.

Diana Scott!

Diana pov

"What a fucking asshole", I mumbled while making myself ready to hop inside my car. I wish that I haven't met this asshole teacher of mine forever. My first day at school was a disappointment. It was not memorable but thanks to my new seatmate (still don't know his name) he completed my bad day.

He's quite shy though.   He just stared at me without even talking and he smiled sometimes when I put a glance at him which was cute. Now I found my cute guardian angel. My apple of an eye.

I giggled while driving and thinking about him if how he look like if he appeared in front of me with his naked body but suddenly I heard unwanted whispers at the back of my head.

"Time dies same as you human...." then a loud chuckled echoed inside my brain.

"What the hell was going on to me?". I almost bump my car into the car in front of me because of the sickening voices deep within me. After thirty minutes of driving, I got home finally.

I'm the only daughter (Unica Hija) and my parents were always away both mom and dad. My dad is a pilot. He was always busy with his flight schedule in different countries and my mom was a potential surgeon.

She was the same as my father always running through errands.

I have my key. I unlocked our door and quickly went upstairs to change my clothes. I throw my Gucci shoulder bag on my bed and the same as mine. I jumped right into my bed facing my body above the ceiling while my arms were both spreads beside the soft mattress of my bed.

It was a long day today. I just looked up above the ceiling until I began to fall asleep. My body and mind were tired. Since I was young I tolerated all these weird things that happened to me but I hope this crazy stuffs of mine would end soon.

After five minutes...

An alluring voice visited again inside my dream. "I want you right now Diana! Do you hear me?", I'm dreaming again but this time it's not Tore, my playmate but he seemed like another entity. It seems the way he caresses my body, the way he kisses me, the way he licks me teasingly. The feeling of fickleness hovered and in between the half lining of my sensitive feminine area. It began to moist. I'm all wet through my inner core from the harsh touch he did to every inch part of my body. "Hmmmmm", I moaned while my imaginary mate keeps thrusting me. My eyes were all white bearing the pleasure of his hard invisible manhood.  "Don't stop please!", I beg from my thoughts. I raised my hand grasping my shiny ebony long hair for this unbearable mating experience.

I started to bent my knees upward and spread my legs widely. I'm sweating and panting every time he pounded in between them.

"Ohhhhh........ yes! I'm almost there!", I screamed and when I felt hot lava would about to burst. 

After our lovemaking, my body felt weak and I was covered with my never-ending sweats.

 I take a deep breath to relax my body. He almost consumed my energy. I took a deep breath again for the second time as I moved my lazy wet body up from the mattress of my bed. My hair was a mess like a huge tornado swoosh in and hit it and the same with my bed. I smirked a little while leaving a trace on my room and lead my small tiny steps downstairs.

I feel exhausted for today but I felt so good. I brought my hands to fetch a full liter of water from the refrigerator and fill my medium tainted glass with water. My dried mouth was then filled with cold water and I feel happy about it. Although I felt weird about that incident awhile ago from my bedroom I didn't care because this time my curiosity has already awaken. I'm already nineteen but I'm still single and a big-time virgin. Virgin with boys though. I giggled and the redness appeared from my cheeks.

Any guy who will try to win my heart and hit me will be very lucky. They won a big jackpot if I say.

I recalled my hot seatmate on my first day and there are so many vivid lustful pictures playing on my dirty thoughts.

I bit my lower lips in excitement as if that moment happened in reality. After I finished my drink I decided to climbed upstairs to take a quick shower.

It's almost afternoon and I take a look at my room window outside and the clear blue clouds started to fade turning into gray. It indicates that heavy rain will come. I shut the window and drag my feet on my pink shade closet. I was like a shopper where I couldn't decide what to wear. I shuffled all my stuff inside my cabinet. I was a lazy picker so what caught my eyes first was my top one choice. I picked the lacy-type-hanging sleeping dress. The whole part of the dress was embroidered with small pink flowers. I loved the color pink since it was very girly. I skip my dinner for the first time because my body wanted more. My human flesh craved sex.

A dreame kind of sex.

Now I felt like I'm obsessed with it.

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