Chapter 24

I didn't fully process what had happened until I found myself downstairs.

Travis stood next to Katie's desk waiting for me. When he noticed my disheveled state, he smirked. Katie watched our silent exchange with wide eyes, her own smirk forming as she took in my wardrobe.

"Not one word." I shook my finger at him, turning and leaving the house.

The walk back was eerily silent, not many people were wandering around the town square anymore.

Travis was the first one to break the silence, "Their all getting ready for the party tonight. You won't really see anyone out and about at the moment." He pointed out.

"So, this event. Am I supposed to do anything?" I questioned, wondering if it was just a simple party.

Travis gave me an expectant smile, "Well, if the Alpha has already met his mate, this is when she would be introduced and officially announced as Luna."

I bit my lip nervously, knowing what the ceremony wou
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Liwa Capellan-Games
amaxing and nice story
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Quanita Meihuizen
A bodycon dress while his in a suite ...
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Dr Joy
This is awesome..

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