Chapter 30

I opened my eyes to the sound of Killian's voice.

"Wake up, little mate. I have to leave for work." His chest rumbled with laughter.

With a little groan, I lifted my head and looked into his silver eyes.

"Hm? Have a good day." I smiled sleepily. I wrapped my arms tighter around him and buried my head against his chest.

"Come on you sleepy little thing." Killian chuckled as he wrapped my legs around his waist and stood from the bed. A squeak of surprise left my lips.

"What are you doing?" I blushed, part of me hoping we would have a repeat of last night.

"We are getting a shower." Killian chuckled, "But don't think I wasn't planning on taking you again." His husky voice send shivers of desire down my spine.

I sighed happily as Killian stepped into the hot shower with me in his arms. He set me on my feet and turned me around so my back was facing him.

I was at a complete loss for words when he bega
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Himitsu Lee
She shall not be happy. Is what this author said
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Oletha Lisa Mask
She’s dumb. When they didn’t answer her she should’ve hung up and walked back to her friends.
goodnovel comment avatar
How is she so darn stupid after all this.

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