Chapter 1969

In the next moment, a dozen men in karate robes walked in.

Although they were not tall, all of them looked very strong, and they had unique tattoos that only people from the streets of Island Nation had on their bodies.

Harvey York glanced around and could see that those people were all masters of the Island Nation.

There was an Islander who was badly beaten behind them, which was Kubomura Akane, who had just been chased away.

“Boss, these Chinese, they are the ones who beat me up!

“They don’t have honor!”

Kubomura pointed at Steven Walker and the others while speaking with a bitter expression on his face.

Immediately afterward, an Islander man with a feminine face and cold temperament slowly walked forward.

His height was close to 1.7 meters, which was considered tall among Islanders.

Moreover, he exuded an aura that only the nobles of the Island Nation would have. Meanwhile, he held a sake cup in his hand and carefully stared at Steven while drinking. He then sneered, “Inter
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