30 days in captivity

30 days in captivity

By:  Gürkchen  Ongoing
Language: English
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Synopsis He tossed me unto the bed, I could feel the heat emitting of his body as he laid down on me. His pelvis made contact with my ass and pressed against it. Grabbed my hands, he squeezed them by his firm grip. The hot air from his mouth surrounds my ears as he whispered to me. “Don’t expect me to be gentle for I am not a gentleman.” *** On my twenty birthday. My father had a guest, his boss. I never knew the kind of work he does but on that special night, I found out he was a servant of the world most ruthless Mafia leader. He invaded our home in an attempt to kill my father for smuggling his cash and drugs, but seeing he had a family, he showed mercy and granted my father thirty days to recover all that he had taken and as a way to compensate for his loss, I was held and taken by him in captivity and would only be granted freedom when the debts we owe have been paid off But what becomes of us after our fate intertwined and I fell in love with my captivator. Will fate decide to give us the chance of a romantic happy ever kind of life? Or will our lives go back to the way it was before we met? Can't wait to foresee what the future entails.

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Ericson Junior
It has been an interesting book thus
2023-05-14 17:35:52
36 Chapters
A big birthday surprise
Sometimes, life doesn’t happen the way we want. There are critical situations we find ourselves in and most times we strive, struggle, and fight our way out of them. But not every situation feels the same, there are some in which fighting could be futile, and at such times, we just have to accept whatever comes in our path, embrace it, and live with it. My name is Cassandra and this is my story.As a child, I lived in the beautiful city of Santiago with my parents. We were a happy wealthy family. Being the only child, I had a life full of fun and liberty. My parents gave me everything I wanted, and I was treated like a princess in a big castle.My mother was a nurse and my dad, when all I could say was he is a simple contractor, so I thought until the night of my 20th birthday when I found out who he truly was, not only that, I got the biggest birthday surprise of my life.***It was evening, and my 20th birthday was at hand. Usually, I prefer to spend my time out with my friends Tyle
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An untold truth
I froze to my feet. My father had been lying to me this whole time, about who he truly was and what he does for a living. Could it be that the luxurious life I have been living is a product of his job?“Dad, what’s going on?” I asked still in doubt and hoped my instincts were wrong.“Dad!” he repeated and looked at me, his lurking eyes ran from my head to my feet and then he smirk. “Well Mr. Anderson, you do know how to surprise someone. Not only did you have the guts to steal from me, you ran away to the one place I wouldn’t even thinking of looking for you. Bought yourself a comfortable life, a nice house. I bet you have a lot of cars in your garage, a sweet wife and now a daughter!” he exclaimed in surprise. “I must say I am indeed impress, but you shouldn’t have done any of it.” He said as he stretched out his left hand to one of his men who handed him a glock.“Please Mariano, I beg of you. Spare me just this once, I promise to pay back double.” He pleaded.“You should know bette
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It wasn't a dream
I opened my eyes. It was morning again.I had a long night of sleep, my whole body felt numb and all I did was stretched out on the bed.I tried to reach out to my cellphone on the bed but was unable to find it. I needed to communicate to Tyler where and when I will be free today, I missed the previous night, he must be mad at me.Still stretching out on the bed, I still could not reach out to my phone. I turned my head to the side and saw a huge painting by the wall. It was a man who I recognized, Mariano the most notorious ruthless mafia leader. Some say he is a tyrant, others say he is a psychopath and a maniac.“What is that painting doing inside my room.” I turned my head to the other side and saw a huge painting again. It was still the same man but with a little girl in it. “What is this? Why am I seeing strange things?” I pondered greatly. “I guess I must have had too much of champagne last night that’s the reason why I am hallucinating and daydreaming. But if I were to daydrea
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An attempt to escape
I finished breakfast after eating the little I could. I walked back into my room and laid down on the bed. It was lonely and I was bored to death.I was taking away against my will. Now my life and freedom has been cut short. Just as I laid down on the bed, I heard his voice as he spoke. It was clear and bold, like he was close by. I quickly walked to the window and noticed he was about to leave. It was a good thing, at least he won’t be around for a moment.He turns around and look up towards me. In haste, I veil the windows with the help of the curtain for I didn’t want him to know that I was watching. I went back to the bed and laid on it.After a short while, I could hear the screening of tyres as they drove off. “He must have gone out.” I spoke to myself in the quiet room. I laid down on my head for a nap as that was the only thing left for me, to sleep and wallow myself in loneliness and desolation.***I woke up again, my body felt numb and sore, than it was before. I stood up
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I'm still alive for now
We made it to my room. I sat down on the bed while she squatted before me to examine the bruises on my legs. Soon she left and came back with a first aid box.She began giving medications to my feet and applied some ointment to the bruises on my legs. “Ouch!” I reacted as I felt the pain. “Sorry, I am not very skilled at this.” She said.“It’s fine, no need to apologize.” I replied.She kept on with her duty. I looked at her, she was still so young and if I am not mistake, she should be about thirteen years old eventually. “How long have you been here?” I asked as curiosity corded my mind.“Five years.” She replied“What happened? How did you end up here?” the questions kept coming out of me.“I don’t want to talk about it.” she answered. I saw how weary and depressed she looked. The expression on her face made me a bit uncomfortable. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have asked such questions. I’m sorry.” I said. Silence followed as she kept on applying the ointment “Miss.” She called out to
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A horrible night
After a long time, he came back out with my dad. His face was dark and gloomy, “Let’s go.” He saidAlthough I never wanted to leave, I had no choice but to go with him back. And right now he doesn’t seem to be his usual self. I have seen what he can do, I better not resist at the moment for I had no idea what he is thinking. “Mom, I have to go now. Take care of yourself, you too dad.”“We will be fine honey. You don’t need to worry about us, and we promise to make everything right again.” She said.“Take care honey. Just be a good girl like you always have been and we will be together sooner than you expect.” Those comforting words from my father lighten my heart.I said not a word but just smiled. How was I able to tell my parents this was the last time we would get to meet with each other, I just can’t afford to see them heartbroken.I took my leave with Mariano as we made it to the entrance where the vehicles were parked. He got in and so did I, we sat separately from each other. H
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Is he truly a different person?
I sat down still on my bed for the rest of the night, terrified and afraid that he might come back again to finish what he started.The rays of the sun lighted my room, it was morning again and I felt relieved but fear still occupied my heart, this is still his territory and be it morning or night, that won’t stop him from doing whatever he wants. Besides he said it before, he has the right to do whatever pleases him.Just as I sat down, I heard the squeaking of the door knob. Fear embraced me once again, I couldn’t feel my body. My heart jumped into my stomach as I broke out in cold sweat“Cassandra are you awake?” I heard the voice loud and clear, it was Celia. “I just wanted to check up on you.” She said. I gave out a sigh of relief and made my way to open the door for her.She walked in hurriedly like she was been pursued, I locked the door back and made it to my bed again and squeezed myself underneath the duvet, I was terribly shaking“Cassandra, are you alright?”“Yes, I’m fine
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Mariano's dark past
Here I am again, all by myself to the big table. It really gets boring being by myself all the time, I just don’t know what to do but sleep all through.But something felt strange. The atmosphere around him is different, like he is a different man. I haven’t seen him this way before, even on TV or journalist’s reviews. Well it’s my first time being closed to him this much, but I never expected that the world most dangerous man in Santiago had a cheerful part. What could be his story?I stood up again from the dining table and made it to the living room. I sat down on the cushion and switched on the TV as I tried to get myself busy and not be bored.“Cassandra. You are here? By yourself?” I turned around and it was Celia.“Hey Celia. Is there anything wrong with me being here?” I asked as I noticed the sudden change of mood.“He doesn’t like anyone sitting by the TV, or on his chairs. He gets angry.” “Ohh I see. But he isn’t around, and he probably won’t notice by the time he gets bac
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An ambitious feeling
Knock-knockThe door opened and he walked in, I sat down on the bed with my knees folded up to my chest and my hands wrapped around them.“How are you feeling?” I gave not a reply neither said a word for I was speechless and knew not what to say to him.“I’m fine.” I managed a reply.“What’s wrong? You don’t look so happy? Did the maid offend you?” I looked not at him but stared right into the empty space in the room. “Cassandra, I am talking to you.” I kept on with the silent treatment.He walked closer and stood beside me. “Cassandra, look at me in the eyes. Did the maid offend you?” he asked again and my behavior remained the same. “You know, you should answer me now that I am trying to be nice. Do not anger me.”I turned to look at him. The man who stood before me, he was getting furious but all I could see is a child who was abandoned by his parents. The feeling of self pity was all around me the more I looked at him, it must have been rough living all by yourself. Having no one
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Dinning together
Just as we arrived. I came down from the vehicle and to my greatest surprise, I was standing at the most biggest and famous hotel in the entire city.As expected of him,At the entrance stood his guards. We walked and it was just the two of us, no one else was found. He must have made reservations for tonight dinner. I followed him quietly from behind, we got ourselves a table and there we sat down opposite each other like a couple on a date.“What would you like to have Sir.” The waiter said upon arrival.“I will have the usual.” He replied.“Ohh, I see. It’s that time of the year again isn’t it.” He said not a word but nodded in affirmation. “What about you my lady? What would you like to have?” he spoke and turned his attention to me. I quickly looked at the menu on the table, none of the food I fantasize were on the list.“Well, for me.” I said in hesitation. “I would like a pork stew with some mashed potatoes and vegetables as well.”“Alright, orders coming right up.”She left,
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