6. Being Scolded By a Strange Man

“This is a campus, not a battle arena. If you all want to fight, just fight outside the campus area! Especially for you, Ko Baekyun.” Taeyong said with a disapproving face.

Ko Baekyun took a deep breath. “You don't blame me! It's these three snots that you should blame!”

“Ko Baekyun, I should be the one saying that you are wrong! You’re a rapist as well as a murderer,” I said.

“Damn girl, who do you think you are, huh? How dare you call me a rapist!” Ko Baekyun objected.

“That's true, right? I know that but, most of the residents of this famous campus don't know the real cause of Kim Sae Hee's death,” I concluded in a high pitched voice.

Ko Baekyun was about to stand up to me but Guangjun was also more agile in pushing Ko Baekyun’s body back. There would have been another fight in the counseling room if some seniors didn’t stop it.

“I invite you to the counseling room not to fight but, to resolve your problems by deliberation! Do you understand human language?” Taeyong grumbled then, glanced at me with a sharp look.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” I said.

“The three of you are new college student here, why do you suddenly like to make a mess here? What do you mean, Miss?" Taeyong asked.

“I'm not making a mess, I'm just opening up an answer to a case a few years ago. A case that might have been closed with a pile of money,” I replied.

“What do you mean? The three of you really like to make a mess, since the first time you met the three of you have broken paintings,” said Ten, who seemed impatient to give punishment.

“Oh my God! You'll really regret it if you don't listen to what my friend has to say,” Guangjun muttered later.

“Oh, my God! Why should I listen to your strange friend's words,” Ten replied annoyed.

“Please stop, Ten. Let them explain what the problem really is that they fight like this,” Taeyong said.

I couldn't help but sigh in exasperation, then glanced at the awkward looking female student next to me. The girl really looks scared until her body trembles, her fingers are busy playing with the hem of his tattered shirt.

“If you want to ask what the main problem is, take a look at this girl. She's getting bullied by Jiyoon's group, are you guys going to keep quiet?” I asked.

“Nonsense! I didn't bully that stupid girl!” Jiyoon said quickly.

“You call her stupid? Isn't that the same as bullying?” Guangjun asked raising one eyebrow.

“bastard! I'm not talking to you, idiot!” Jiyoon said then.

“I hope you guys can understand, problems won't be solved by fighting each other,” Taeyong said.

“But, if we don't do it, will you guys care about this matter? Every year, there could be some students who are traumatized by bullying like this,” I said, “your organization is like a dumb and blind organization.”

“Right. I also agree with Lalin's words,” Guangjun said.

“You agreed because you were her  best friend.” Ten grumbled, “Or her boyfriend.”

“What are you talking about?” I interrupted Ten's words which were very wrong.

“Since you've made such a mess, you guys have to clean the toilet. Without exception.” Taeyong said, after that he left us.


Guangjun rubbing the toilet brush in annoyance, makes Hyunseon seem annoyed when mopping the toilet floor, they’re both very emotional because seniors are punishing and don't believe my words. Actually it's nothing to me, because in fact I already know the killer of Kim Sae Hee. Just waiting for the right time to reveal all the evidence hidden by Jiyoon's group.

“Come on, don't worry too much about it, we should be more concerned, what will we do to reveal the evidence to the police,” I said.

“What do you mean, Lalin? They can quickly erase any trace of the evidence if we don't move soon,” concluded Guangjun.

“I see but, we will move slowly but surely. They are very petty, we must not be careless.”

“They could have reversed the facts first. You said they were very cunning people, right?” Guangjun asked, one of his eyebrows rose in surprise.

“Guangjun, please calm down. Don't rush, we have to plan carefully,” I said.


The toilet door opened, Jiyoon came with some friends. She violently hit the door of one of the toilet cubicles looks really mad at me, even some of her friends brought brooms and broom handles, like to beat the three of us.

“What do you guys want to do here? Didn't the redhead give you another toilet to clean?” Guangjun asked sarcastically.

“Hey, moron! I'm only here to punish you guys for humiliating me in front of the other seniors!” Jiyoon snapped.

“I'm not the moron you mean, Miss. You're a girl, why are you talking so mean like that? Don't you have a mother who can set you an example of good behavior?” Guangjun quipped later.

Jiyoon's face turned red instantly, looking like she was about to swear at Guangjun, two of Jiyoon's loyal followers were gnashing their teeth in annoyance.

“Damn it, you think you own this campus! It's just fun to talk to other people!” snorted Jiyoon.

“Oh, you can feel heartache too? I thought you were a heartless stone.” Guangjun laughed out loud a little sarcastically at the three bad girls.


Just as Jiyoon was about to hit Guangjun with the broom she was carrying, the toilet light suddenly went on and off quickly. A mop bucket also suddenly toppled over, spilling dirty liquid on the floor, hitting Jiyoon's expensive shoes.

“Who kicked this mop bucket!” Jiyoon screamed.

“Neither of us kicked the bucket!” Hyunseon said.

"Damn it! You have to compensate for my dirty expensive shoes because the water used to mop the floor!" Jiyoon snapped.

“Son of a bitch! You have to compensate for the expensive shoes that got wet with the mop!” tuntut Jiyoon.  

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