Chapter 43

Archie had calculated the time to pick up Emma from work. He waited for a few minutes by the road below her company before impatiently calling her.

No one answered the phone the whole time. Archie could not help but feel annoyed. This damn woman, how dare she not answer his phone?

Actually, it was not that Emma was aloof and did not answer the phone on purpose. It was because her phone was left in Jimmy's car.

At this moment, Jimmy heard her phone ring, but he was in a bad mood and ignored it.

It was only when he was tortured by the ringtone that he had no choice but to stop the car. He looked around and saw the white cell phone that had fallen on the passenger seat. He looked worried.

He reached out and picked up the phone. There was an unknown number on it, but there was no note.

"Hello!" Jimmy answered the phone impatiently.

"Who are you?" The other party's voice was much colder than his, and it even carried a questioning tone.

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