➡️ Aruda :

“Aruda.” Eric called out. I limped over to him. Duke was beside him.

  “Can I show you something cool?” Eric asked hopefully.

“Sure as long as it isn’t perverted or I might start my hunting on you.” I said playfully.

Eric nodded. Then he started dragging me away.

“You are not gonna leave me until I do?” Eric asked.

I shook my head. Eric stood up.

“I’m gonna shift, hold onto me even when I’m shifting, I don’t care how gross it is, or you will fall.” Eric said.

I nodded .

Eric then shifted handing me his shorts.

The shift is the least of my worries.

I grabbed a hold of his hair while I raised my leg in the air.

“Seriously my hair.” Eric complained.

“Deal with it.” I said using my good wrist.

Eric then jumped off the root and dragged me with him.

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