Chasing My Husband (Tagalog)
Chasing My Husband (Tagalog)
Author: ShineAvery

"Tell me how can I love you when you were the reason why the girl I love the most left me?!! You bitch!" I couldn't help but to cry when he pulled my arm. 

"No one will going to love you because you're a desperate crazy bitch!" He then let go of my arm that made me slam on the floor.

"Please Cloud, listen to me, I only did that because I love you!!" I shouted on his face as tears kept on streaming in my face. 

"When you really love me, you will never do that!"  He spatted.

"But because you are a selfish brat, ofcourse you will do anything to get what you want, but take this in your stupid fucking mind," he paused and looked at me with disgust. "You were wrong when you messed up with me, I will make your life a misery." His voice was filled with anger and I was unable to look at his eyes. 

"C-cloud" I tried to reach for his hand but he just ignored and left me. 

I cried in my hand thinking how stupid I am to be in this situation. 

How stupid I was to do such thing I know I will suffer in the end. The man in front of me a while ago is the man I thought I truly love and once I thought a man could give me a happy life but the opposite happens. 

He is Cloud Miguel Salazar, 31 years old and the well-known businessman and the owner of successful Salazar enterprises that owns luxury hotels and malls around the world. 

He was once my prince charming when we were kids and he's always the one who protect and comfort me but everything turns upside down when I’ve done a stupid mistake. 

Before anything else, I am Abby Leonor Zegura 23 years old and daughter of the former famous model Diane Zegura and successful businessman Leandro Zegura and the heiress of Zegura Enterprises.  

Maybe everyone was thinking that I own everything I wanted in life, but for me, I am willing to give up everything just to be with Cloud. 

"FOR CHRIST sake Abby! How can you do that?! How can you ruin someone’s life for your own benefit?!" I was really ashamed by the words of my mother in front of me. She is indeed mad for what I’ve done.

"I do not know what I will do to you anymore!" She shouted and left me crying my heart out. 

"Mom" I tried to stop my mother but she also ignored me and continued to go upstairs. 


My dad only looked at me with disappointment evident in his eyes and then followed my mother upstairs. 

I can’t help but cry my heart out.  All my life I only wanted my parents to be proud of me, everything they want I always follow, I tried to be an obedient daughter and not to be a burden to them. Even sometimes I should set aside the things I love in order to follow what they want but maybe I wasn't enough.

In just one mistake, every beautiful and good thing I did for them instantly vanished. I really wanted my parents to be proud of me but I never expected them to be disappointed and worse get mad at me. I only did what I think was best for me but it turns out it is the worst decision I made.

After Cloud shouted at me I immediately went to my parents’ house hoping they would somehow comfort me but I was wrong that I hoped for once, they would act as my parents but instead they shouted and got angry at me which I understand because it was indeed all my fault. 

Three months ago, Cloud’s supposed wedding was ruined because his fiancé broke up with him on the day of their wedding and he blamed everything on me.

Before the wedding I made a stupid decision in my whole life by sending a picture to his fiancé and in the picture it was me and cloud sleeping naked together.  

That day, Cloud visited me because he wanted to invite me personally for his wedding. He has no idea about my feelings for him and when I heard about his wedding, an idea occured in my mind and that night also I gave him a juice with sleeping pills on it. I can't let him marry someone else. Maybe I am really selfish but there was part of me that tells me, it is now or never. He fell asleep the moment he drank the juice and I struggled to bring him to my room. I just removed his clothes but I swear I never looked at his private parts.  

Nothing happened between us but his girlfriend never believed in him and left him in the altar. My dad was so furious and demanded a wedding but to my surprise Cloud agreed and now I understand why, because he will make my life miserable and hellish like what he believes I did to him.

I've only done that stupid decision because I love him so much that it kills me watching him marrying another girl. I can't contain seeing him building a family with someone else while all my life I only dream to have a family with him. I never let anyone courted me because I only wanted Cloud. 

I never regret what I’ve done but the pain and the harsh words he told me everyday was enough to make me feel anxious and disgusted with myself. 

We are one month married and we are now living in one house but the treatment he gave to me was like a poison to my everyday life.  

But then I believe that love is more powerful than anything and I keep on praying that he will love me more than I love him.

"Mamahalin mo rin ako Cloud, pangako!"

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