9. Friends With Benefits


I shut my door, my heart pounding. What was that...? I felt humiliated and mocked. Why had I even let him touch me? A sting of pain jolted through me. I had made a complete fool of myself, and I had to face him for an entire week. What would dad think if he ever found out?

The feel of his fingers down below lingered. I closed my eyes, sliding down the door until I was sitting on the floor. Only my fairy lights were on, all I could see was black and the little glowing drops of light. I felt utterly confused. Sure I have had sex, but to get all worked up over someone so quickly… It confused me. His hurtful comment that I was a slut had really hit me hard.

I pursed my lips and stood up, feeling for the light switch. I flipped it on and walked over to my wardrobe. I was going to shower, I didn’t need the feel of his hands on me. I paused, tempted to call my occasional sex partner over. I needed to get that asshole out of my head.

Picking up my phone

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goodnovel comment avatar
So glad a female character isn’t pinning away after a horrible interaction with her mate. He has his gun so why can’t she? Love it!!
goodnovel comment avatar
How are readers considering her a slut, but he, who the author says has bedded 100s of women, is not? if it's OK for him, why can't it be for her?
goodnovel comment avatar
Alicia Reece
awesome can't get enough of this book

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