She already left

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         *******πŸ’Ÿ'To Be With You'πŸ’›*******

Yeh-Hee was already done eating and had placed the tray which contained an empty glass, the plate and spoon on the nightstand beside the expensive lamp. She was seated on the bed and looked like she was waiting for someone and that someone was no one other than Jin-hee.

Jin-hee didn't say anything and walked to the nightstand to get the tray on it. All that time, she felt Yeh-Hee's desperate and sad eyes on her but she still said nothing.

She then left the room with the tray to the kitchen and came back minutes later, wiping her face with a handkerchief. She washed the dirty plate, spoon, the glass on the tray before coming back to the room.

And without realising the traces of water on her face because she was too deep in thought, she ended up cleaning her face as she entered the room when she caressed her face with a tired look and finally noticed the unwelcome guests on her face.

Again, without saying a thing, Jin-hee took the ontiment from the nightstand, replacing it with her handkerchief. wait! Shit! She almost forgot!

Ah, whatever! Yeh-Hee deserved to know at least about the new wounds added on her old ones. But she wasn't going to tell her about it and she knew her little sister wouldn't ask until she tells her herself.

Which was actually one of the things she liked about her sweet cute little sister.

Jin-hee once again said nothing as she walked to the bed, took off her top and her bra and folded it on the bed beside her before sitting. She placed the ontiment beside her and said,

"Please apply it on my back" she wasn't mentally prepared for the idea but she was strong and she could stand it.

Yeh-Hee looked at the wounds on Jin-hee's back and realised she was beaten again to the additional wounds she already had. The wounds or should I say bruises? Yeah, that's the correct word.

So then, the brusies looked horrible. They showed a horrifying reddish-purplish color. The reddish shown signs of fading while the color purple was clear as day. Indicating the old and the new bruises were still present and haven't healed completely yet. but she didn't make a comment or say anything about it and slowly reached for the ontiment.

She opened it and began applying. Jin-hee flinched once again, the moment her fingers touched her backskin. She stiffened and clenched a fist with the bedsheet.

It might have hurt a lot while she was applying the medicine because Jin-hee stiffened more than before, clenching her fist tighter. Yeh-Hee couldn't see her sister's face or the kind of expression she had on it she could see Jin-hee was in a lot of pain.

With teary eyes, Yeh-Hee applied the medicine on the bruises on Jin-hee's back to her waist, gently while blowing air on it to relieve her a little.

"I understand where you are coming from babe" Jin-hee said through the pain, clenching her fist even tighter. It hurt and it was so uncomfortable and unbearable being touched by her own sister.

But, she could tell she was doing a good job hiding it.

She was doing just great.

" should never lie about eating or anything else" she stammered. It hurt. It hurt a lot.

"I promise" her sister said. She sounded like she was crying. Jin-hee felt bad for that and didn't know if she would be able to comfort her. And so, she never turned to face her or reach out for her in thought of comforting Yeh-Hee. She just couldn't do it.

A few seconds later Babe announced, "I'm done"

Great! She was done.

"Babe, I'll be going to school tomorrow" Jin-hee announced her decision not turning to see her sister because she knew she would meet the new guests from Yeh-Hee's eyes and didn't think she would be able to console her.

Silence blew in the room and Jin-hee knew her sister was in thought.

It took a minute or two before Yeh-Hee answered, "I see"

And then silence blew again. The room was oddly quiet and awkward. None of them knew what to say next.

Wait! She hasn't taken a bath yet!!

Jin-hee yelled in mind when the realisation finally popped up.

She was definitely going to sleep without taking a bath. After all, to bath after apply the medicine would be a waste and so, she couldn't afford to.

Sorry bath, you're out.

           ******β€πŸ’–****πŸ’˜'To Be With You'****πŸ’žπŸ’****

Next morning. Today was thursday and everyone was ready to head out of course except Yeh-Hee and Seung-ho who would be staying at home. Seung-ho was staying to take care of Yeh-Hee while both Yang-Ju and Eun-Jo went to work.

Seung-Won kind of felt bad for the girl. Eun-Jo could be both intimidating and bossy. Well, he was the same, but he didn't show that side often.

Seung-Won was all dressed up, ready for school as his school bag hung on his left shoulder while he walked down the stairs with a decision to head for the dining where he believed everyone was.

He had a beaming look on his face, his body emanating warmth through out his body. He was so happy that he couldn't sleep at all, all night.

He kept fantasizing about how it would be like walking with Jin-hee to school with his eyes open all night.

He had a lot of fantasies but he knew and believed the real one was going to be nothing like his fantasies.

Still with that beaming look, he came down from the stairs and to the dining where he found Eun-Jo, Yang-Ju, Seung-ho and Yeh-Hee having breakfast. But the reason for his early awakening and raised of warm in his body was nowhere in sight.

His heart was beating so fast. He couldn't wait to see Jin-hee and go to school with her. Today, he wasn't going to take the car his father bought for him and Seung-ho and that was why he called the chauffeur, Mr Kwon not to come in today.

He didn't need to come because Seung-ho also wasn't going to school. He was staying home to take care of Yeh-Hee, made sure he ate every hour if possible while everyone left. That was Seung-ho's words. He was hellbent on feeding Yeh-Hee every hour today and the girl wouldn't be able to object.

Seung-Won kind of felt bad for the girl.

And Seung-Won, he didn't went to take the car today also because he wanted to walk with Jin-hee to the bus stop. For the first time in his life, Seung-Won was so eager to take the bus and it was all because of Jin-hee.

He was finally going to become Jin-hee's real friend.

Everyone looked at Seung-Won but at the moment, Yeh-Hee had his attention. With a sweet smile on his face, Seung-Won said, "Hi" to Yeh-Hee.

He watched at a light blush crept on Yeh-Hee's cheeks before she face down, responding, "Hi"

Seung-Won smiled, Yeh-Hee was just as cute as Jin-hee. "You remember me right?" He asked. Maybe Yeh-Hee didn't remember him because she didn't exactly have her attention when she came yesterday neither was she in her right state of mind. Also, they didn't get the chance to talk considering she was in a sleepy mode some time later and they didn't see each other in the evening.

But to his surprised, Yeh-Hee nodded and answered, "Yes, I remember you" maybe she took noticed of him when he woke her up to take the medicine after he took Yeh-Hee to her and Jin-hee's room.

Who knew?

"I see" he said. Yeh-Hee still wasn't meeting his eyes and he could still see the blush crept across her cheeks to her ears. The girl was just so adorable no wonder Jin-hee didn't want to give her to anyone. He smiled at the thought before saying, "How about we talk after I get back from school in the evening?" He suggested and Yeh-Hee looked up, eagerly nodding.

'So cute' he said in his mind.

"Seung-Won, will you be having breakfast?" Yang-Ju asked taking her eyes off the cute Yeh-Hee to Seung-Won, her son.

Her son shook his head and answered, "No, I'm waiting for Jin-hee"

"Oh, but Jin-hee already left" Eun-Jo said, taking a sip of his glass of milk. 'Disgusting' was his conclusion after the sip of the milk. He hated milk but couldn't say no when his wife presented the glass containing the milk to him. Yang-Ju could be real scary sometimes.

Back to Seung-Won. And this broke his happiness and warmth into pieces. Bringing a sad disappointed look on his face. Jin-hee left? Why didn't she say anything? Why didn't she tell him he was leaving? Was Jin-hee that angry with him?

Did she hate him so much that she didn't want to go to school with him?

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