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8:30, It was time for the first lesson and everyone was seated. The class was unbelievably quiet as everyone complained in their minds, listening attentively to Mr Hwang while he taught them.

Well, not everyone was attentive. Young-guk, Mo Ah and Sae Ron weren't. They would now and then turned to look at Jin-hee who seated at the back of the class far from them and beside the window. Concentrated on what Mr Hwang was teaching while enjoying the warm sun rays passing in from the window.

Albeit it was too cold.

They couldn't figure out why Jin-hee took her chair and table, choosing to sit at the back beside the window instead of her original place which was with Mo Ah and Sae Ron.

What was going on? Something wasn't right. Jin-hee was acting weird.

"Jin-hee, why are you at the back?" Mr Hwang asked when he was finally done teaching and about to leave the class with his notebook. He has been wondering about it since he came to class but didn't get the chance to ask.

That's why he asked now that he was done teaching and about to leave.

"Ah, is because I find the class hot. I wanted some air and that's why I'm here" Jin-hee said with an awkward laughter, her hand pointed at the window, "Beside the window" 

Seriously? Could she act anymore obvious? The room was cold. They were probably freezing out here and it was all because the AC was on to a certain freezing degree so what was she talking about?

Definitely, their bodies weren't the same.

"I think you should switch off the AC" Mr Hwang ignored Jin-hee's words. The girl was probably joking with him and if not, then she had a serious illness.

"The air condition is broken Mr Hwang, it can't be turned off" Bok Dong said. He was the one who turned on the Act and after figuring out and couldn't be turned off or set at a perfect degree, he got his answer for this moment.

"It feels like Siberia right now" Yoo Hee said, wrapping her arms around herself. Even with the heavy coat she was wearing, it was still very much cold.

"I can't believe this" Mr Hwang said. It was so cold in here. This was probably the main reason why he finished teaching earlier. He wanted out of here.

"What about the heater?" He asked, "That one too is also broken. The principal and the student councils doesn't care about us. Is like we are invisible or something"

"Yes well, you will be visible if only you make a name for yourself by winning first place in the exams" Mr Hwang said, "Yeah, well, that's never happening" Bok Dong replied.

"I figured"

"I think we should leave the class until they fix the problem with the AC and the heater" Mo Ah said, glancing at Jin-hee's direction who intentionally, was looking down to avoid Mo Ah's gaze. She knew but she just didn't know why Jin-hee was avoiding them.

"I think is a good idea. Get all your chairs and tables to Bloomers" Mr Hwang replied. The big tree was a Japanese Sakura tree. Koreans call it, 'Beot-kkot' however, they believe they are slightly different species of tree than those in Japan.

Well, this was the original tree from Japan planted. The principal, principal Cho planted to add more beauty to the school. They called the place where it was planted, 'Bloomers'. Many students sat at this particular tree to eat and enjoy their chats or calm their minds in private. It was comfortable there and quiet.

But it wasn't so quiet when many students were present, talking and laughing.

The class cheered in joy. Finally, they were leaving the cold class and they couldn't be anymore happier.

"Jin-hee, can I speak with you?" The teacher asked, Jin-hee looked up at him, confuse and surprised but she nodded. And got up to leave the class just as Mr Hwang turned to leave saying, "Do the homework, I'm expecting it early tomorrow morning' to them.

              ******'To Be With You'*****

Jin-hee and Mr Hwang stood at the hallway way, some distance between them. This time, Jin-hee wasn't the one who put the distance between them, it was Mr Hwang. It was like he knew something but Jin-hee knew it was all in her head.

No one knew at moment, she didn't like anyone getting close to her, it was only Seung-Won and she was sure the perfect student wouldn't betray her.

" Jin-hee, I want you to call Haโ€”I mean Miss Sang" he said. Hara wasn't in school today, saying she had to look for Jin-hee's house even though she had no clue. Well, she at least knew the neighborhood she stayed at and decided to search house by house for Jin-hee. Joon-su thought it was a stupid idea but Hara didn't listen to him.

She never did.

"Why?" Jin-hee asked in a confuse tone, "She was worried about you and decided to search for your house even though she didn't know your address" Joon-su replied. He knew if he called Hara and told her Jin-hee was okay and that she was in school, the woman wouldn't believe him and that's why he asked Jin-hee to do it.

Miss Sang, she really was a good person.

"Okay, I'll call her so she can put off the search"

"Thank you" 

"Well,..... Are you okay? You didn't come in yesterday and we were worried about you"

"I'm fine Mr Hwang"

"I see" Joon-su wanted to ask more questions but he didn't think it was appropriate. Jin-hee still had no clue he knew about her family matters.

"But I don't have my phone so can I use yours later?"

"No problem. Just come to the faulty room when is break and you can use my phone"

"Okay, thank you"

"No need to thank me. Well then, you can go now"

"Okay" Jin-hee bowed in respect and waited for Mr Hwang to leave before she left.


Second lesson was science and they learnt under the comfortable tree with the warm sun making it even more relaxing and comforting. Not to forget the blossoms from the Sakura (English word, Cherry) tree. They were no longer cold and it was nice feeling warm.

Mr Koo, the science teacher was surprised at their co-operation and concentration while he was teaching but he didn't voice out and quietly taught them until the bell rang for break and he ended the class with a homework and left.

Now, everyone was busy chatting. Young-guk who sat between Bok Dong and Sun Bong was caught in their talk and so he couldn't escape to Jin-hee. He wanted to talk with her so bad but he couldn't because Sun Bong and Bok Dong wouldn't let him go.

Beside them was the row where Seung-Won and Yoo Hee sat during class section and behind Seung-Won and Yoo Hee was Yeol and Yi Soo.

Mo Ah and Sae Ron were seated in front of Young-guk, Sun Bong and Bok Dong.

And Jin-hee, she sat far from them, beside the big sakura tree. However, she was far from them. But, she could still hear whatever it was that Mr Koo taught.

At the moment, well, I already said what was going on with Young-guk, Sun Bong and Bok Dong. Now, I'm going to Yeol and Yi Soo's side. 

Yeol and Yi Soo were just seated, their hands lean on their tables as both of them were on their phones with no care. This school permitted to bringing phones to class but must be immediately put off when lesson starts.

So, there you have it.

Sae Ron stood behind her chair, leaning on it with her hands on the shoulders of the chair, watching attentively as Mo Ah walked to where Jin-hee was, seated and packing her books to place it probably under the belly of the desk or in her bag.

"Jin-hee,...." Mo Ah walked to the big sakura tree where Jin-hee sat alone. She was far from them but none of them said anything, not even Mr Koo.

"Oh, Mo Ah, sorry but I need to see Mr Hwang, we'll talk later" was Jin-hee's answer before she got up after putting her books under the belly of her desk and rushing off without giving Mo Ah a single glance.

Mo Ah didn't even get that close to her. She was hurt and confuse. If something was bothering Jin-hee then why wouldn't she talk to them?

They were her friends.

"Mo Ah" Sae Ron said from behind her. She turned to look at her and her eyes caught Seung-Won who looked like he was suffering from Yoo Hee's questions. She could even hear the crazy girl's questions from where she stood. They both stood facing each other, beside their desks.

Where were you? What happened? You didn't return my calls or my texts. Why? Were you hurt? Were you in trouble? Were you sick? What happened?

Was Yoo Hee's repeating questions over and over again. Seung-Won looked like he needed someone to save him but neither Yeol nor Yeol nor anyone else was willing. Yeol and Yi Soo still on their phones, pretending they couldn't see or hearing anything and Young-guk, Bok Dong and Sun Bong lost in their talk about last night's football between who knew? She didn't like football and so pay no attention.

"Wait for me Sae Ron" she said, facing Sae Ron before walking to where Seung-Won and Yoo Hee stood.

Sae Ron watched her friend, unsure of what to do next.

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