The WereWitch and the Royal Alpha Prince
The WereWitch and the Royal Alpha Prince
Author: Lockness


I would like to introduce you to RYKER, his wolf CHRISTOPHER and his vampire JACK he is an Alpha Werewolf-Vampire hybrid, he is the eldest son of Princess Scarlett and former Alpha Wade of the Blue Moon Pack, no one knows this but his mother, father, grandparents and Theodore's mate Tina the Alpha's daughter. Being the son of an Alpha makes his wolf Christopher an Alpha and therefore makes him stronger than a normal werewolf, his vampire Jack is not very strong but is the source of Ryker's hybrid gift of sight. He is on a journey to find his mother who was taken by someone that was meant to protect her. Ryker has been having dreams of his mother and a mystery female, little does he know he is dream-sharing with his future mate who is travelling with his mother. 

I would like to introduce you to ISABELLA and her wolf ZOEY she is a Werewolf-Witch. She was only sixteen when she ran away from her pack, her mother was the only one protecting her but she became sick and after she died her Alpha tried to sell her to another Alpha as part of his breeding and slave program which her Alpha would like to keep quiet from the Werewolf King. Isabella was classed as an Omega as her mother's mate was killed not long after they had mated and she was then raped by a Warlock and had Isabella as a result. Isabella has now been on the run for two years, using the one spell she can get to work to hide from her Alpha's tracker, while she follows her dream for the past couple of months looking for a mystery male that may be able to help her, save her but he may be a real danger to her heart. 

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