She wakes up with a start and moves away from me. She goes to say something, but I put my finger to my lips and whisper,

"They are nearby. Do you know how to cover your scent?"

"No, I am an Omega. I don't have that ability."

"Scar, we can help her with that, but we still won't be able to get away from them. They are now too close... What do we do?"

"I can cover your scent, but it won't help us. They are too close and will still catch us..."

"I.. I... I think I can hide us if you cover our scent but you will have to keep extremely still as I have never used this on more than just me, so I don't know if it will actually work.."

"My life and yours are in your hands..."

I move in next to her and let Ruth and Cara cover her in a small amount of our scent to cover hers and then make us disappear. I give her a nod and then hear her whisper chant.


I can't seem to help but chant along with her adding my princess's voice, I don't move as she told me to and I watch in amazement as the two males enter the room, look around, take a few deep breaths, whisper between themselves and then leave the room. Even though the female in front of me is shivering in fear, she keeps up with the steady chant. I let Ruth take partial control again and take a deep breath

"Scar, they have moved on, but they recognized your scent before we covered it..."

"Shit! If H or Wrath hears about this, the punishment will be bad..."

"Scar, we left the house again without him, even after his most recent punishment. We will be lucky if he doesn't kill us!"

I sigh as I move closer to her ear and whisper, "They are gone, but we can't stay here.."

She nods, stops chanting, but then collapses. I get to my feet, bend down, and pick her up. I make sure our scent is covered and then I make my way out of the abandoned building and head back to the small house H and I are staying at.

I know it will be bad and I am not looking forward to the penalty of disobeying and leaving the house again without him, but I make my way quietly into the house and lay her carefully on the sofa. I then make my way into our room, grab a sundress out of the closet and make my way back into the bathroom to have a quick shower getting all the dirt and grime off of me from the abandoned houses.

I come out to find H laying on the bed. "Who is she?"

"She...She..." he gets up from the bed and takes the two steps to be right in front of me and asks again

"WHO... IS... SHE??"

"I.. I... I.. don't know.." I know it's coming but I don't block it as he slaps me

"If you don't know her, then why is she laying on our sofa?"

"She... She was in trouble... I couldn't do nothing..."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

He raises his hand again and I flinch a little, expecting another slap, but he just places it on my cheek instead

"Because you wouldn't have let me help her... You don't agree with my caring for others because it shows everyone who I am..."

I stand my ground, even though I know it isn't wise when facing Wrath, but I do it anyway.

He pulls me closer by the hand on my cheek so that his lips brush my ear as he whispers,

"I will give you that, my princess, and I will spare her, but you disobeyed me again even after my punishment earlier, so I will have to teach you the lesson again and we move on in the morning without that female.."

"Please Wrath... She needs us... Please! I haven't asked for anything since my daughters were born... Please..."

"Just this once. She can come with us, but as soon as we are at our next destination, she is on her own again. Do you understand, my princess?"

"Yes, thank you!"

"Don't thank me yet, my princess, as I will take payment for allowing this and I still have yet to punish you for disobeying me again."

He kisses my ear and down my neck. I moan a little and tilt my neck just a little more, allowing him more and better access, as it has been so long since he has shown me any kind of actual love. He surprises me as he makes me scream when he sinks his fangs hard into my neck, retracts them and starts to drink deeply.

I hadn't even noticed that he had wrapped his arms around me as I struggle, trying to move out of his arms, but he just holds me tighter to him as he increases his long deep pulls. I stop struggling, relax, and wait. I wait until he has had his fill, swiped his tongue over his bite and stepped back a little.

I then hit him. It has been a while since I have had a real reason to fight and I could do with the workout. It is never a good idea on my part to fight Wrath, but he is not giving me this punishment without one.



Two years ago I woke up to the near severing of the pack link to Isabella as she runs out of the territory. That little ungrateful bitch, I throw my covers off and jump out of bed. I should have known something was going on when a little bit of food was going missing from the kitchen. I open my pack link to my patrols and my Beta,

“We have a runner...”

“Do we kill or capture Alpha?”

“Capture! She is as good as sold, now that her mother has passed. I felt her cross the West boundary. I will meet you there.”

I quickly throw on some pants and head downstairs. As soon as I am out the back door, I shift and run. I stop at the West border boundary and shift back, one of the patrols that are already there waiting passes me some of the basketball shorts we have hidden all over the territory and gives me their report.

“It looks like she shifted here and then ran over the border into neutral territory..”

I turn to my Beta as he arrives. “I want one of our best fighters and trackers following her, and as soon as they get closer to her, I would like to know.”

“Yes Alpha! May I speak freely, sir?”

“Of course..”

“Why waste our best fighting tracker and resources on chasing and catching Isabella?”

“Because she is as good as sold and she is a large part of the alliance with Alpha Santiago."

I just knew she was going to be a lot of trouble, but the alliance and the payment for her from Alpha Santiago will make it worth it. I turn and punch the nearest tree and then jog back to the packhouse, my mate would still be sleeping and she doesn’t always enjoy the pleasure I take when I am in this mood, so she agreed to allow me on the odd occasion to make use of a female in the program.

I make my way into one of the rooms that I know contains a program female that will accept and enjoy what is about to come from me. I even sell any of my offspring that are not birthed by my mate and with having Alpha blood they fetch a lot more money as other Alphas can use them to have an heir but not have the ball and chain of a Luna.

I strip off the basketball shorts I am wearing, walk up to the bed, and grab and pull the female I have chosen for tonight off of the bed by the hair. I throw her across the room and smile as she hits the wall with a whimper. I then walk over to her, grab her hair again and lift her up, pinning her to the wall.

I kiss her with all my uncontrolled dominance and anger using my body to keep her on the wall I move my hands, extend my claws and remove her nightclothes, I make her wrap her legs around my waist and once she is open to me I thrust forward hard and fast. I listen to her whimper again and feel her struggle, but I continue increasing my thrusts harder and harder until she screams out shuddering around me;

I growl low as I release as well, but I don’t stop; I continue my hard and fast pace, still increasing my thrusts both harder and faster now. I kiss down her neck and onto her shoulder, sinking my canines into her skin not to brand or claim as I already have a mate; it is just an anchor keeping her from moving.

She screams again, shuddering around me once more, but before I allow myself to release, I pull myself and my canines out of her. I put her feet back on the floor and turn her around. I push her hard up against the wall and re-enter her hard. She screams and shudders again and after one or two thrusts, I finally release inside her. I lean up against her as I quickly catch my breath.

Once I stop releasing inside her and have some of my breath back, I step back, grab the female, and throw her onto the bed. I smile as I follow her, pulling her towards me as I join her on the bed. I force my knees between her legs and as I lay over her; I enter her hard again, thrusting fast; I move one of my hands down her side until I get to her knee. I then hook my arm under that knee and pull up, making it easier to thrust harder and deeper.

She starts to struggle again so I sink my canines into her shoulder once more making her scream out loud shuddering underneath me but I don’t stop as I increase my thrusts harder and faster until I am overwhelmed with pleasure and I stop dead holding really tight to her and biting down hard using my canines in her shoulder to stop her moving as I release as deep inside her as I can.

I collapse on top of her this time and I don’t move until my release is completely finished and even then it takes me even longer to get up as each time I move, more pleasure runs through me, making me release more.

As the pleasure continues, I remove my canines, swiping my tongue over her skin. I continue my thrusts, slowly prolonging the pleasure and slowly building it again. Only once I have the female moaning and growling begging me for release. I increase my thrusts once more, making her shatter underneath me as I release one final time. 

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