Chapter Fourteen


She left him while he was sleeping, sprawled naked and stinking on top of the hotel sheets.

She vomited quietly into the toilet. Once. Twice. Then she slipped her clothes on and crept out of the door.

Marie held her body far too carefully. She was tired, and sore, and disgusted, and so, so jubilant. When she stepped into the lobby that she had only been in a few hours before, the man behind the desk raised one eye at her.

GLENN, his nametag read.

“Hello, Glenn. Would you call a cab for me? Please?”


Glenn the Polite spoke quickly and quietly on the phone. Marie leaned against the desk, aware that her eyes were starting to blacken and her face was swollen.

“Is there anything else I can do for you, Miss?” Glenn asked her. His words were professional, but his tone said so much more. Sweet, kind Glenn. A lamb working at the desk, unknowingly serving a wolf.

She looked him deeper in the eyes, then, and realized that he knew. That there was a weariness
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