Chapter 12 - Collin

Can I not get a break? I had Cassidy cornered, so to speak. She was going to speak. We could have gotten all this tutoring shit resolved. But no. Grace Honeycutt had to poke her fake nose into my business. 

I don’t blame Cassidy for wanting to take a swing at her. And she just kept making it worse. Piling being an unwanted interloper with being homophobic and racist. I would have, too, if I was the type to hit a girl. 

It’s on me that I got hurt. I was trying to restrain Cassidy. And well, that’s like trying to control a wildfire. You might get burned in your efforts. I can take a kick to the knee and even my nuts. I can’t take the look of panic on Cassidy’s face and the brief look of pure fear in those green eyes.

I don’t know what it is, but obviously, me restraining her set off some alarm bells in her head. And I’ll probably never know what those alarms are for. I rather doubt she’s going to share that with me. 

You don’t tell your w


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Karina Vazquez
I like this boy, Collin is cool
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Was so missing Saturday's chapter! Please don't neglect this book about Cassidy & Collin. I love their story & bc it's an extension of Riko & the Frost Triplets, whom I love. Can't wait for Reese & Don's story to come out!

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