Chapter 22: A change of plans...

A week had passed now since Xolvion had struck a deal with White Mane and the ruby lions. As agreed Xolvion had received his payment for the week, providing him with a large amount of money, more than enough to last an entire month.

Of course, the first thing he did with it was take himself and the girls out for food, each of them eating their fill without restraint for once. All except for Zoranna of course, who didn't eat human food.

One of the best things about now being the shadow owner of one of the largest criminal organisations in the city was the information that it provided.

Thanks to this information Xolvion was able to learn of the empress of Earth wear abouts. Finding that she was a high ranking member of the adventures guild and lead a party of hero's.

Xolvion knew that taking them on in a head to head battle would be difficult. He had also taken the time to observe the empress of Earth along with her party members, gaining as much intel

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