Chapter 10 Liza

This university was on a Friday and on Saturday I was going to travel to a beach to spend the weekend together. I confess that I am afraid to be alone with him because our courtship was getting hotter every day, something that had never happened before.

I was going to the parking lot when from a distance I saw Ro with Theo in the biggest chat and I was watching and came to my mind there is something between these two, yes I will find out what. 

I got in the car and went home to pack my suitcase and as soon as I arrived I saw your Olavo's car parked in front of my house he has been the family lawyer for a long time and my friend is also my mother's college colleague good I always I say that he has a crush on her.

I got out of my car and went into the house and my mother was talking to Olavo very excited and I greeted them,

-Good afternoon and the two saw and greeted me

-Good afternoon Liza,

-How did you agree with the speech?

-What about that Liza my daughter we said at the same time,

-So you know, you two make a beautiful couple, you know, and at this time I saw my mother turn red like a tomato and say,

-Liza that daughter,

-Well if your mother accepted me we could be,

-Look mom, this is a good sign, you know, after talking I started to laugh about the situation because my mom was so red I can say that a little more she turns purple and so the door opens and a Ro enters with a face that saw bluebird and I said:

-It seems that Cupid decided to visit the family of Adalberon women. Then it was Ro's turn to say:

-What was Liza and why are you saying that?

-Hum let me see ... you know it was me then you are now mom, And at this time your Olavo spoke,


-Yes good Mr. Olavo I give my approval for you to stay with my mother she deserves after everything she did for me and my cousin, right Ro and I looked at Ro she is with her face as if I don't understand anything

-My cousin Mommy and Mr. Olavo and I nudged her,

-So, of course, you make a beautiful aunt couple,

-No Rosangela, you can't get into Liza's madness, that's enough.

-Well I'm going up to pack my suitcase because in a little while lu will arrive at my cousin's funny thing

,-I wanted to be a mosquito or a fly to see what will happen there in that beach house

-My face will not happen anything you are imagined

-It will be? Liza will know, no? At this time it was my turn to turn red like tomatoes because Mr. Olavo was there in the room and I heard my cousin's funny laugh,

After that I headed towards my room, after a long hour I heard the doorbell ring and I grabbed my suitcase and left the room because I knew it was him and I heard it funny

-Wow, you're only going to stay for a weekend, not all year,

-Oh Ro you know how I am right?

-So I know if it lets you take the whole house with you, and laughed and you followed to the room where Lu and my mother were talking and I heard him say:

-Our princess wants to be a huge suitcase?

-Then you didn't see anything this is just a weekend if it were 15 days you would have to rent a moving truck and I looked at her with a frown but the funny one laughed at me and continues to say,

-Look my brother-in-law cousin I hope your car is big and I regret it,


- No Ro because everything you buy on the trip reminds you of the time we went to Paris, we had to fight for being overweight because she put in our bag what didn't fit in hers and the other time we had to rent a car back because he bought a dog and a cat and still forgot the poor guy at the hotel at this time I heard, Laughter and I looked at the lu my mother was rolling with laughter and me,

-The daughter of the dog was Hilário I remember you were crying all the time because you said because the dog didn't even want to know about you after he even ran away,

-Our people I was 14 years old at the time good come on my angel if these two don't stop remembering something is to go out pulling my suitcase,

-Let's go princess let me take more he complained about my suitcase,

-Our Liza are you taking what here has led in here?

-Not until you? I spoke and crossed my arms pouting,

- Our daughter, what a beautiful pout? my mother spoke and I rolled my eyes and turned around and heard more laughter behind them,

-You don't stop, I'm not going anywhere just now?

-The non-princess already stopped, After grace he went out with me to his car,

- Our Liza your mother and your cousin are hilarious did you know?

-It's true and you don't stay behind, you saw your boy and I got into the car in a burrow and I was silent but he said:

- My beautiful is not like that with this face my love, I heard well he called me love that was it

- Suddenly what did you say lu?

-What?-You called me ..., but he didn't let me finish talking he said

-Love is right Elizabeth Aster Adalberon you are my love only my beautiful and he took my hand and Kiss I felt a shiver through my body and it felt like I was going to catch fire from the heat just by feeling his lips in my hand.

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