Chapter 177 Xiao Ying

Roughly ten-odd minutes later, someone knocked on the door before Zhuang Lin stood up from his bed and opened the door.

After opening the door, he poked his head out and saw a girl in a short skirt standing at the door.

The girl, in her early twenties, was about 165 meters tall, looking slender and delicate. Although she could not be said to be a great beauty, she still had a sense of intricacy, giving people a fresh and natural feeling.

"Come in." Zhuang Lin stepped aside and gestured for the girl to come in.

The young woman bit her lips lightly. Both her hands were placed in front of her chest as she clutched at her handbag tightly. She appeared somewhat nervous, nodding obediently. Lowering her head, she moved out of Zhuang Lin's way and walked into the room.

After the girl entered the room, Zhuang Lin closed the door behind him.

"Sir, hello. My, my name is Xiao Ying." The girl stood respectfully in a distance with both hands holding onto her handbag. Her slender body was trembling
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