Chapter 297 One Against Three

Li Suo and Gu Yunsha were evenly matched the moment they exchanged blows.

Shen Zheng paid attention to the battle between the two while observing Snowy. At the same time, he also quietly paid attention to the few bug man big leaders.

The bug man had always been insidious and despicable. He did not dare to easily believe that this group of people would keep the promise of fair fighting. If the big leader suddenly attacked while the two were fighting, Gu Yunsha would definitely die.

As such, he had no choice but to be on his guard.

The bug demon had also noticed Shen Zheng and couldn't help but laugh coldly, "Shen Zheng, you're rather cautious."

"Be careful when you make enemies of a despicable character." Shen Zheng responded coldly.

"Interesting." The only woman among the other three big leaders slowly walked out and smiled charmingly at Shen Zheng. "Shen Zheng, why don't we fight with each other? Let me see if your whip is really as good as the rumors say."

As he said, she laug
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