Resisting The Alpha King

Resisting The Alpha King

By:  sinner and saint  Completed
Language: English
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Bailey had always been infamous for her lack of filter for a mouth and her no-nonsense hot headed bravery. Her name had spread far and wide and if there was anyone who hated her more than the elders, it was Alpha Noah Sage. The Alpha hated women and Bailey was the perfect example of the kind of woman he loathed. So, when she gets picked at the ceremony to be the Beta's wife, everyone is appalled. After a public humiliation by the Beta, denying Bailey as his mate, her temper grows hot and she curses out the entire royal werewolf family and does the unspeakable — insults the Alpha himself. The last thing she would have ever thought was that the Alpha would force her into a marriage with his as punishment. … On the grounds that she will be executed on the 90th day.

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121 Chapters
"Bailey's homeeee!" Lisa announced cheerily the moment I stepped into the house. Tiny feet scuffled in the floor board and I left out a small Yelp as her arms snakes around my legs. " You're home!" "Yes, yes." I beamed, the initial annoyance of the overhyped ritual long forgotten. " How are you…" " So nice of you to join us." I could recognize that voice anywhere. If my life were to be a high school movie, I'd have said it was my rival wannabe queen B. But seeing my life was far from a high school setting, my gaze landed on the slightly above thirty something year old woman stood at the dining, a red ladle in her grip. I'm sure if she had her way, that ladle would be tangled up in my blonde locs. " Did you get into any trouble on your way home?" "Good evening to you too, mum." I stressed the endearment at the end of my statement, making sure my sarcasm was sharp on my tongue. " I had some business to attend to." "Was that business so important you had to skip making dinner?" Her ey
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(Bailey's POV) Finally, when we were done getting ready, Nita left before us. “I have to be there on time since I'm one of the contestants, I'll catch you in the crowd.” The ride to the Alpha's Palace was excruciating. All I heard was talks on how great Nita was from my mother and father. I could tell they would've done anything in their power to have me in Nita's position. Too bad I wasn't like her. The ceremony was all I thought it would be like. Full of obnoxious people, ditzy girls and overbearing parents. “Wow, look at how pretty all the girls are!” exclaimed my mom as the other contestants arrived and walked over to backstage to wait. “Yes, they are all very nice, mom.” I wondered why I was the only one that found this ceremony to be insufferable On the stage that towered high above everyone were the council of elders, and the alpha and the beta. My stomach grumbled in disgust and I looked away quickly. “Ladies and gentlemen, the ceremony for picking the beta's mate
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Alpha's P.O.V The irony of today's events were almost as hilarious as Eric dressed in his royal golden robes, robes made for the groom. He was all smiles and laughter, his jewellery glittering each time he waved at the people who came to pay greetings to us . I could feel the infectiousness in the air and shook my head. Indeed this was a joyous occasion, finally someone in the royal family had decided to get a mate. The ball became quiet. I could feel the eyes of the people towards me. They were expecting my big opening speech for the ceremony. I turned and looked at my beta. “Are you excited, Eric?” I asked him. “not in the least, but a mate must be picked.” I let out a harsh laugh and nodded. He had the spirit. Mates were necessary, but it was unfortunate they had to be women. I dreaded the day I'd be forced to finally pick mine. All they would cause was problems and more harm than could be accounted for. But for now, I could support Eric, as his alpha and cousin. “Welcome, e
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Bailey P.O.V I had lost count of the days. It was always dark here, the sun didn't rise so I didn't know what mornings felt like again but I wasn't going to succumb and be weak. I was stronger than they thought and no matter what, I wouldn't break. I had known cowards all my life and I knew how to deal with them, that's how I got tough, by facing my bullies, one on one. My stomach grumbled, reminding me that I hadn't eaten for days. I crawled up beside the wall I could find with my hands waiting patiently for death and if not death, I just wish I could sleep and go to the lands where all my dreams came from. I didn't bother opening my eyes because the sounds of the iron gate creaking broke the silence around me. When it grew louder, I opened my eyes trying to see the shadow who was opening my cell and when he succeeded, he shined a dazzling torch on my face, blinding my eyes while my hands darted up to cover the light from my eyes “seize her!” The shadow commanded and immediately
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I was sat atop the queen sized bed, the maroon colored duvet around me looking like dry blood against my dirty and dust stained dress. From the eyes of a painter or photographer, I looked like I was sitting in my own blood, just waiting to pass out any moment. Peeping from the lacy covers that bordered the bed, I found a vanity bigger than my mum's. Next to it was an even bigger mirror. I stole a quick glance and I felt repulsed. My blonde hair was a tangled mess, dirty streaks giving me new highlights I didn't ask for. By my right was a bedside table, a walk in wardrobe and a beautiful bookshelf, all in the same set. "Stop admiring anything, you moron." I facepalmed myself hard. I pressed my palm against my nose and only when I felt pain, did I stop. "You're trapped in here and you're gawking like a three year old on Christmas Eve." After Noah had walked out on me, the previous day, leaving me all alone in the room, I did nothing. There was nothing I could do. You know that feelin
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"Leave." Noah's voice was the only one in the room. " All of you. I'd like to talk to my wife. In private." I thought I was dreaming. I'd been staring at Noah for a while so maybe I was imagining things. Maybe if I blinked or broke an arm, everything would go back to normal. Maybe. "Can you not hear me?" The Alpha's boom caused me to snap out of my thoughts. I shuddered as a chill ran down my spine. " I said leave!" The maids scurried out first, their footsteps like mice running from their biggest predator, the cat, in the hallway. I glanced quickly at the bed and cursed inside when I saw the silk dress lying on the bed, it's beauty taunting me. Why didn't they take it along? Noah, like a pest, followed my gaze to the dress too. His eyes darted back and forth between us before a smug smile rested on his lips. "You can't be serious." Eric broke our staring contest. He always seemed to know the right time to butt into our business. " Noah, you're joking, right?" "You're still her
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He stopped next to the bed, and picked up the dress in one swift motion. As I watched him pick up the dress, my heart started racing. I couldn't help but feel a mix of emotions: anger, confusion, and a strange attraction. He delicately twirled a piece of the fabric on his fingers and I saw it sparkle a bit. "This would have looked really good on you, you know," he said, breaking my chain of thoughts again. My anger flared up. "Is that why you sent your maids to play dress up with me? For your pleasure?" I seethed, clenching my fists. "Not necessarily," he replied, taking a step towards me. "I just wanted to get you in a clean set of clothes. You looking aesthetically pleasing to the eyes would just be an added bonus." I was so angry that I couldn't control myself. "Pervert," I let out through clenched teeth. "Not only are you proud, you're also a fucking pervert!" As he took a step towards me, I instinctively stepped back. He continued coming closer until my back came in contact w
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A gentle breeze blew by, sending leaves rustling my way. I shut my eyes tighter as I padded the bed, frantically searching for the duvet I'd slept in last night. But instead of the soft warmth of the quality cotton material, my hand felt a hard surface, prickly prickles poking through my skin. I jerked up immediately and what I saw wasn't what I expected. Trees bloomed all around me, like it was spring. Songbirds flew around, their rhythmic chirps filling my ears. Flowers of different colors and types spread about with lush green hedges in between. And the sun was as bright as ever, the round celestial body glowing and giving warmth to my skin. Where was I? Glancing around my immediate surroundings, I surveyed what was supposed to be my bed. My fancy queen sized bed with lacy covers was no longer where I left it last night. Instead, I was sprawled on top of a flower bed. A rose bush to be exact. It's petals, I'd probably used as a cover and it's thorns were what pricked
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Who.. who are you?" I stammered. My teeth were chattering as I raised a finger at him. " Who the hell are you?!" "I'm sorry I frightened you." He really did look sorry. " I didn't mean to. We'd been knocking at your door with no response, so I let myself in." "You haven't answered my question." I didn't want to hear any excuses. I just wanted to know who the fuck he was. " I'm not going to ask you again." "I'm Gustav." He stood straight, something glinting on his wrist. It was a gold bracelet. Almost every guard in the palace had one. I may or may not have snuck a glance at all of them a couple of times " Your personal bodyguard and royal escort." As I looked at Gustav, my heartbeat began to slow down. I could see the concern in his eyes, and I realized that my reaction to his presence was a bit extreme. I felt a bit embarrassed, and I hoped that he would not judge me for it. I took a deep breath and tried to compose myself. "Gustav," I repeated his name in a softer tone. "I'm sor
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"Gustav?" I echoed, narrowing my eyes at him. "I've never heard of you before. What are you doing in my room?" "I'm one of your personal guards, your majesty." He replied, still looking apologetic. "I'm supposed to be on duty right outside your door." "I see." I muttered, feeling a little embarrassed at my outburst. "I'm sorry for shouting at you. It's just that I had a bad dream and I'm a little disoriented." "It's alright, your highness." Gustav reassured me. "Is there anything I can do to assist you?" I shook my head, still feeling a little shaky. "No, thank you. I think I just need some time to gather my thoughts." "Very well." Gustav nodded, before turning to leave the room. "If you need anything, don't hesitate to call me." As soon as he was gone, I let out a deep breath, trying to calm my racing heart. What was that dream about? And why did it feel so real? I got out of bed and walked over to the window, pulling back the curtains to let in some sunlight. Outside, I could
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