16 - I'm sorry you had to see that

Abigail could hear their deep breath from the door where she stood, Tony's neck was tilted backwards, his head resting on the neck of the executive swivel chair, facing the ceiling but his eyes were closed, as he moaned in pleasure. The table covered her view of whatever was ongoing but slender legs in black stilettos protruding showed that a woman was kneeling on the floor.

Now she was aware that Tony wasn't alone. Her innocence gave her no idea as to what the woman was doing to earn such pleasurable moans from him. She could see a blonde messy hair bobbing up and down with Tony's hand pressing it tighter, and it hit her.


Her legs felt like jelly, her hands numb as the food pack dropped from her hand, startling the busy tandem. Tony pulled out of the mouth of the blonde in a stun, adjusting his clutch and zipping up in quick motions. He was so embarrassed, his tongue felt heavy. This wasn't something he could get from his wife but neither was it something he wa
Lucia Love

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Elianna Princess E
nice story
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Bella Jersey
So sad Tony is threatening to rape his wife
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Gaulua Siu
Every chapter of this book is awesome. I think Tony can change cause he has a mother with a good heart and respects her so much...

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