60 - The Wrights aren't Wrights for nothing

"Leave the girl to us," elder Samuel said. They couldn't find a secluded place and spoke in hushed tones in the corridor of the hospital. Two other elders sat grimly next to Ivy while the two men continued to argue. Elder Samuel wanted Wrights' Secret Service to be the one to deal with Ashley because he felt Tony would be too lenient since he once loved her. She was his first love after all but Tonys' response amazed him.

"I don't care about her but I want to deal with the Woods myself."

Over the years, the Woods have stepped on the Wright's toes but Tony has done little to nothing about it. What was the assurance that he was going to handle matters appropriately? 

"I don't think you have it in you. They touched a Wright and she lost a child. Her womb was destroyed hence her inability to have any more children. This is not a small matter," elder Samuel malevolently retorted. In the Wrights family, touching one was equivalent to touching all and where lif

Lucia Love

Will Tony let them go after they sign the document? 3 more chapters to the end. Please share your thoughts, rate, and send some gems. Lol...thanks for reading

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Rose SB
Tony is not going to let them live. Not for what they’ve done.
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Claudia Ibañez
Poor Richard and dad tgey deserved it
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Bella Jersey
Tony only promise to allow them leave there alive

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