Chapter 19

Nerezza's Point of View

One Year Later

"How long will you be gone for?" I could hear the distress in Farren's voice as she asked me this from the door. I didn't look up, instead, I continued packing up the clothes I would need in South Africa. Unlike our more timid climates, the country was hot and unrelenting. Short clothes were a must for this trip.

According to Reginald (my king), there was a pack taking shape in the heart of the country. Guided by a rogue Alpha who had clawed his way to the top. Surrounded himself with only the strongest of men to help him build his empire. The king had a vested interest in seeing this pack succeed. No other information was given.

"I will be gone for about a week to two weeks. I promise to be back by the time you have your seventeenth birthday party. The king is hosting a rather grand ball in your name, at my behest." I told Farren, tucking away my underwear in a sma

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