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Hi everyone! 

Thanks for reading the book and I hope you enjoyed it!

I have begun writing the sequel which will follow on after this Author Note (rather than as a separate book).

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Until then, I've added some Bonus Chapters to tide you over. They hold no relevance over the main story but are just extra things to read if you're bored.

Book Two - "Nevermore"

It takes place a hundred years after the adventures of Aria within the same universe. This is now a world of Aria's legacy.

It will follow a girl named Raven and the book may appear like its own story but I promise there will be MANY ties into the original Book One. I hope you enjoy figuring out how it all fits together on Raven's journey :) As always, character development and plot twists within.


Beautiful, intelligent… and a harbinger of death.

This is Raven.

And although she seems ordinary on the surface, she has a deep secret. One she holds tight as it threatens her sanity.

Since Raven’s eighteenth birthday, she has struggled with something inside her. A beast that lurks below the surface. Not the striking bird as her namesake, but a wolf that terrorises her. A creature that takes over, leaving corpses in its wake for Raven to find.

Not understanding what she is, Raven utilises her unnatural strength and senses in the world her father chose for her. A world of money, deals and casualties. A world where she was raised not to be pampered or nurtured… but as a weapon against all those who would harm their family. After all, being the daughter of the city’s crime boss has its occupational hazards.

But for a possessive man who views his daughter as a valuable asset, what will Raven do when she eventually meets someone she is inexplicitly drawn to? Someone who sends sparks throughout her whole body at just their touch alone?

Because inside the world of shadows that Raven knows best, a spark inside the darkness might be all it takes for her to reconsider everything she knows.

…And, possibly, begin her on a journey of discovering who she truly is;

A raven… or a wolf?



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Farheen Mancheff
This book was amazing I can’t wait for the next one thank you
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Dawn Rosewood
Glad you enjoyed it!
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Dawn Rosewood
Thank you very much!

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