48 || I dare you

Calum has not called or texted. Granted, it has only been four hours since he left but that’s too much time without a word from him. He should be in London. I could text or call him to find out instead of staring at my phone. But I was the one who walked out on him. The one who locked myself in my room and didn’t step out till he was gone. 

Amelia had to come pick me up. We were both late because of that. I put my phone away. It’s for the best. I can focus on Girls Code while he focuses on his music. The term is almost over anyway, he will be leaving soon to his America where he can eat fries and call football soccer. 

It takes me less than a minute to bring out my phone. I open my WattsApp, and my heart clenches. Calum has updated his status. He is in London. I type in a long apology in reply to his status but instead of hitting the send button, I hit delete and place my phone face down on the cafeteria table. 

The girls should

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That’s just diabolical!!!!!!
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in the third part of the story? yes.
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you don't know that for sure. lol.

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