Chapter 93: The Most Beautiful Love

"Knock, knock," somebody interrupted Aria while she was reading a book. After their project with Bellador, Aria's gotten more free time than usual. So, she settled in a vacant conference room and decided to read to pass the time. She also settled for a place that Cedric wouldn’t usually go to.

She looked up from the book and smiled when she saw who it was.

Kian smiled. "Can I come in?"

"No," Aria jokingly said.

Kian chuckled and opened the door wider, inviting himself in. "I'm going to barge in even if you don't let me," he said in a sing-song voice.

Aria chuckled. "Why bother asking then?"

Kian went inside the room and placed two paper bags in front of Aria. "What's this?" she asked, curiously looking at the two paper bags.

"Food, duh," Kian said in an obvious tone.

Aria rolled her eyes. "I know that it's food, you idiot. I'm asking why you brought it here?"

"So, we could eat together," he said, opening up the paper bags and bringing out their contents.

Aria weirdly looked a
Sand Kastle

Kian's quite charming, isn't he? Team check! Are you team Cedric or team Kian?

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goodnovel comment avatar
Team Cedric. Kian will just be rebound love.
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Lynn Larkins
team Kian all the way
goodnovel comment avatar
Team Kian all the way!!

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