A Miracle White Lycan

A Miracle White Lycan

By:  Butterflydiva23  Ongoing
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For centuries, we have considered Lycans one of the moon goddess perfect creation for all to see. We know Lycans have special gifts. They are stronger, then any average was wolf they can stand on two feet. The Lycans are a force to be reckoned with in their world. That is why a lot of supernatural creatures fear them. We respect them all over. Mileena Holland is the daughter of the head warriors of her pack that is a royal pack of Lycans called “The Nightingale”. When Mileena shifts at five something had happen that never in a million anyone will think that will happen. She became a white Lycan. Throughout the years, some consider her a blessing, while others consider it to be abomination. That she will get bullied by other children. Finally her mother was fed up and left the pack taking Mileena with them but something happen that shocked Mileena and her mother all together. Her father stayed behind. From there both women had left the pack and became rouges, eventually they found a pack to settle in, everything got better till rouges attack killing some members including her mother. Will Mileena seek revenge, or will she finally become broken?

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Shirly Taylor
The blurb are really attractive then I start
2023-05-06 17:49:09
29 Chapters
For centuries, Lycans are consider the moon goddess perfect creation. For all to see, Lycans have special gifts. They are stronger, then any average was wolf they can stand on two feet in their world Lycans is forced to be reckoned with. That is why a lot of supernatural creatures fear they highly respected all over them they. Now there is a lot more to tell, in a kingdom on the other side of the world. People are gathering around to witness a birth of a pup. Some people thought it was the King and Queen. Unfortunately, if not, the couples are Sapphire, and Jedidiah. The royal head warriors of the Nightingale Pack were soon to be parents. For years the couple tries to conceive. It always turns out to be a disappointment. As time passed, they pray to the moon goddess to send them a pup. When it seems like nothing will happen, the couple was on the verge of giving until one day the moon goddess answer their prayers. When the couple discover they were expecting a pup, it excited th
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Chapter: 1
Narrator POV: Today was just like any other day. It was sunny. While the adults were training, the pups running around playing with one another. There stood 5-year-old Mileena among the other pups, Mileena had blossomed into a beautiful young girl with fair skin and black hair. The blessing that her parents worshipped and thank the moon goddess every day for her. she is the apple of her parents' eyes. Sapphire and Jedidiah showed nothing but unconditional love towards Mileena every chance they got. Mileena was a popular girl, she had many friends, and people consider her sweet and kind. Unlike most pups, Mileena gives off this warm sensation that made people want to be in her presence. No one can explain the feeling. During the middle of playing hide and seek, Mileena ran somewhere in the forest to hide. She found an enormous tree that was surrounded with brushes. without thinking she ran. immediately she crawled and hid under the. brush she felt that this will be the best
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Chapter: 2
Mileena POV:“Hey guys, you want to hang out?” I ask.“ We don’t want to be caught dead hanging with you, you are an abomination” a girl with blond hair said.“I agree Mandy, look here we don’t want you around us, so do us all a favor and stay the hell away from us before we become curse,” The other girl walking while the other laugh following her. I turn around, walking out of the school to begin my journey by walking home. As I walk all I started thinking about my life, and how mess up it is. Ever since I shifted into a white wolf, I was treated like shit, it gotten so bad to where people will give me evil looks and encourage their children not to be around me. It gets worse when I go to school, every time I enter a classroom everyone become silent. All I do is walk with my head down, head straight to my desk. I don’t look up. I can feel the hate they have towards me. It used to be a time in my life that I will go to bed every night crying, because I don’t know what I did to
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Chapter: 3
Mileena POV: It was a year now everything is still the same. I try so hard to make friends with others in the pack. It doesn’t matter what I say, or do, they will never accept me because of my so-called curse they say. After a while, I concluded I would become a lone Lycan. I wake up each day doing my routine, I take a shower, brush my teeth, place my hair in a messy bun. Then I got dress and headed on downstairs. Before I enter the kitchen, I took a deep breath. When I walk into the kitchen, I saw my mom and dad was sitting at the table having breakfast talking to one another. As soon as they notice my presence, they looked at me with smiles. “Good morning princess,” my father said, placing the paper on the table.“Good morning to the both of you,” I reply with a smile.“Baby, I hope you are hungry. I made your favorite breakfast potatoes and onion omelet,” my mother said.“Good, I cannot wait to dig in.,” I walked over to the counter to retrieve a plate; place my food o
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Chapter: 4
Sapphire POV: When Mileena left out the room, I felt something was off with her. I was having that feeling for a while now. It did not just start; it was going on for some years now. Ever since Mileena shifted into her white wolf at 5, a lot had changed. People still considering my daughter an abomination that will ruin the pack. There a few that believe that she is a blessed Lycan, from the moon goddess. All I ever wanted is for my daughter to have a normal life. but she is being written off like some disease that is waiting to happen. A mother knows when her daughter is in pain. I know Mileena is trying her best not to burden us. She feels that she is the reason for everything that is happening in our lives. I want to tell her never to think that way, it hurts me to see my daughter this way. I try not to get involved because I want Mileena to come to me and her father and tell us what’s going on? Sometimes at night she cries out for help and I can hear it in my heart. I wan
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Chapter: 5
Mileena POV: Sitting at my usual spot in the cafeteria, which was further in the back by the exit. Sitting there with a hoodie over my head and reading a book. I don’t know how long I was reading for that I did not notice there were people present in front of me until I hear growls. I looked to see that it was Marissa and her two of her goons, Jeffrey, and Dallas, who are warriors. They stood there giving me an evil smirk, then I looked over to Marissa as she had a disgusted look on her face. All I ever wanted is peace, nobody will bother me. I will stay in the shadows of everyone. Because in their world I’m an outcaste, abomination, that doesn’t deserve to live. I always feel the hate that the pack has towards me, I would like to say that I’m not hurt by their words. But I would only say to myself, their words are like a knife stabbing deep in my heart. I accepted no one will want to be around me, why do they mess with me? I stay to myself, and never get in the way. Why can t
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Chapter: 6
Sapphire POV: We made it to the pack house, and headed straight upstairs on the third floor, where the King and Queen's office was at. As soon as we appear, the usual guards stand out at the door. “Good evening Cecil and Benson, the King has summoned us” I said. They nodded and let us pass. We were about to go in when the guard blocked Mileena, that stop me and Jedidiah in our tracks.“What is the meaning of this?” Jedidiah asks.“She cannot enter, she will have to wait out here King orders. "“Really?” The guards nodded.“Don’t worry mom, I will be o.k. go ahead I will wait out here” Mileena said. We turn entering the office, there we have notice that there were a few angry parents right along with their children. I knew that this was about Mileena, I saw the looks that they were giving us. I did not feel intimidated. I stood there proudly and show them I will never back down. It’s n my blood. I’m used to be a head warrior. That one thing that you learn is you always stay i
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Chapter: 7
Mileena POV: I stood in the hallway pacing back and forth wondering what they are saying in there. I just kept thinking then suddenly I could pick up on the conversation. It was impossible because everyone know the King office was soundproof how was I able to hear it? I could not think on it because what I heard my father said, I could not believe that he would rather for me to apologize instead of standing up for myself. Did he ever care about me? I suffer so much growing up, I did what I could do, and that was endure the pain without my parents knowing about it. Why am I considering a curse Lycan? I did not ask to be a white one, it was the decision from the moon goddess herself. I’m just an innocent girl who wanted to belong somewhere in this world. I hate the feeling of being unwanted. As the door open I can my mother come out, she saw the tears in my eyes it gave her a puzzle look. Then she said we are going I nodded walk with her I could help but to notice that my
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Chapter: 8
Sapphire POV: It was a year since we became rouge, it was difficult running in the forest every day trying to survive. Some days were good, while others were bad that I just want to give up. I felt I made the right decision of leaving the pack now I’m wondering did I make a good choice? I never thought that my mate will betray me, by siding with everyone at the pack. It felt like a knife being stab in my back. I could not believe that Jedidiah had not once tried to find us, with everything going on. It like Mileena and I is nothing but a memory that faded away from his life. Through it all Mileena had not complained one time, I believe that with her father betrayal it’s still fresh in her mind. She still trying to cope with it all, also learning to adapt to life in the forest. Being a rouge is no fun in the park because they're a lot to learn. Rouge are lone wolves that are label as dangerous wolves in werewolf society. Rouges are sometimes travel in groups; they like to ter
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Chapter: 9
After hearing what Cordell been through, I felt bad for him. Like my mother said, we can’t trust anyone right away. That comes from experiences of her being a warrior for years. Also, I cannot believe that the Moon Goddess have given me a mate. I wonder what her reason behind for this. Life have not been good for either me or my mother since we left our old pack. I could tell that my mother is hurting more than me, because my father had not tried to find us. I know she miss him, that some nights that I will hear her crying when she thinks that I’m asleep. I hate to see her that way, I’m hoping that we can settle to a place real soon because I don’t know how much longer we can survive living in the forest. We continuing our journey in the forest, it was silencing the only sound you could hear is the birds. I could feel my body giving out from walking so many hours, then we found a stream. We headed over drink from it, today was a hot day I got in the water. Before I could there
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