11. Chase

"T-not that's fair," I yelled, throwing my hands in the air. This attractive six-foot-tall demon is cheating and acting like he's fighting. Everything is unlawful and unjust. Logan rubbed his temples, an annoying smirk creeping across his lips.

"You're cheating," I said, pointing.

"I'm not, you just don't know how to play," he said. I gasped and glared at him. If my eyes had the ability to generate lasers, he'd be the first to vanish.

Logan and I were sitting on the couch, playing chess. This is our second time playing the game, and he has won both times. Scarlet and Patrick were laughing as they played video games. Now I wish I had chosen video games instead of this brain-teasing game.

"How dare you accuse me in such a way? When I play with my neighbor's son in Worcester, I always win "I declared proudly.

"Keep in mind that her 'neighbor's son' is ten years her junior." Scarlet pointed from her vantage point, and I gave her a deathly gla

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