A Timeless Love

A Timeless Love

Oleh:  Kat Thomas  Tamat
Bahasa: English
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Dr. Kit Johnson has just landed herself in two mysteries. She needs to figure out one to save her live and the other to find her fated love from lifetimes before. Matthew Anderson only wants one thing for her to be his again. He will stop at nothing to make that happen and keep her safe until that does.

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She woke with the gasping for air that she had grown accustomed to every night for the last two months. Her dream at night had been the same since her trip, always the same places, the same people, she would swear they were memories, but she had never seen them before. She knew that much. The feelings they brought were that of old friends, people she had known from long ago, but she knew their faces were that of strangers. She glanced at the clock as the red light blared across the room and was the only light source. It was 2:30 in the morning, she knew she had a choice to make on whether to get up and start her day very early or chance the dream again. It was her everlasting debate that she had every night and every morning for the past few months. She knew which she would choose and also kne
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She had a severely uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach when the man who was standing in the middle of the room started to make his way to her and her boss. Her boss, of course, was preparing himself to reach out and shake his hand and introduce the both of them but as she saw he was headed right to her, bypassing her boss entirely. She could barely breathe as she looked up into his unusually handsome face and wondered to herself if they had met before. She was pretty sure that she would remember him if she had, but as he moved closer with a grace that most men didn’t have any longer, she felt he was familiar with her in some way. His eyes were an unusual color of brown that were almost a deep red that contrasted his unruly black hair. If she had encountered him in another setting, s
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She sat in the second of three interviews still not hearing a word that any of them said. She had hoped coffee would have perked her interest, but she had deemed both applicants unworthy of the position within three seconds of being introduced. One was too pompous to work with her in any fashion as he referred to himself in the third person and had described in great detail his working habits, they would not mesh well with hers, so she had crossed his name off the list. The second candidate was nearly as bad. Though he didn’t refer to himself in the third person, he had a sense of grandeur that wouldn’t be well when he found out that she was the boss, and she would be the one calling the shots not him. That would not be the ideal for him as he was severely put off that she was even
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She finally made it home, though the day took a few turns she was pleased with the idea she had found the right person to help her spearhead the latest project. Her newest boss seemed like he really was willing to let her do almost anything she wanted. It was weird for her to know that he bought the company to help her in some way. However, her whole life had been a series of choices made by other people who wished to help her in some way except for her mother, of course. She pulled into her driveway that really needed to be repaired at some point in the next few months as the winter had done some damage with the cracks in it that could now be classified as sinkholes they were so large. Her house was really too large for just her as she looked up at it. A family should live there she thought t
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The four men had set out in the car for this entire time as she sat inside skyping the two different detectives. They also saw the encounter with her neighbor and wondered what that was about. They were slightly concerned with the neighbor’s reaction. As the door closed the neighborhood stocked off around the corner of her house into what would probably be her backyard. Nathan did not like that. Matthew liked it even less. Henry and Steven both sat there and wondered what they could do to possibly invite themselves to her house, there was only one major problem with that they weren’t supposed to know where she lived. They really didn’t have any reason to be in the neighborhood and they didn’t have the confidence or the knowledge to say that they were visiting one of her
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The morning found a group of men in a small diner outside of town. The group had consisted of seven men who all were stunning to all the women who walked in the little restaurant to pick up their morning orders. As they sat down surprisingly in different styles of dress, somewhere turned out in three-piece suits while a few others were in tee shirts and ripped jeans. Nathan was sitting tall in his suit as he looked over his friends as they all sat down. Henry as always was similarly dressed, as he had been in a low-income family that had sent him to a boarding school on a scholarship, he had found he really enjoyed looking the part of a successful businessman. Matthew whom, Nathan had known all his life as he was only a week younger than him and was his cousin was dressed the same. He had alwa
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She woke up to the sound of her alarm clock for the first time in two months. It was something that she had never even dreamt of as being a beautiful thing. As much as she hated the fact that she had to wake up the first time in two months that she had been able to sleep for any amount of time without having the dream wake her up. She was wide-eyed and ready to start the day for the first time without bags under her eyes and having to take a freezing ice shower to try and make herself look halfway decent and awake. Even her breakfast tasted better than it had in months. She finally felt like she wasn’t just trying to survive, she actually felt alive for the first time in so long. She was ready to start the day, no matter what that particular day was going to bring.
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As she sat at her desk, she wondered precisely where they were going, the only five-star restaurant in the area had close to a four-month waiting list. How would they be able just to call and change the reservation and also how did they get the reservation in the first place, as far as she knew yesterday was the first time they had been here, otherwise she would have heard through the grapevine that they had visited. They were not ones that could blend into the usual crowd that came into the building. The receptionist was known to gossip about any man who was semi-decent and she had to tell her a few times herself that she needed to stop ogling the men that came in. She had the distinct way to make them feel uncomfortable as she undressed them with her eyes while flirting. Some men of science
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She made her way through the maze of hallways that she knew that she was being watched still but not by who, it was more like a what, to her office. As she got into her office, she shut the blue door and pulled her blinds closed as she picked up the phone and called the detective that was handling Sanchez’s murder. She started to explain when he picked up, exactly what had gone on in the past few hours and precisely what she had found without even trying to be a part of the case. She wanted to turn over the evidence as soon as possible, and he said that he would send a squad car to pick it up. He agreed that it seemed a little odd that she would receive an email from a dead man’s account and he wanted to take a look at it for himself. Apparently, the first part of the investigation
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The next few hours of her day went by entirely uninterrupted. She had managed to get through over the one thousand emails that she received over the past three days and was able to filter through to find the one or two that she actually was interested in possibly taking on as a case. The ability to pick and choose what she wanted to do in her free time while still constructing the ideals of the project that she was going to spearhead very shortly was a slight boon to her. She knew after the dinner tonight things might be slightly different for her; she hoped that maybe they would drop some hint as to what exactly was really going on but in the meantime, she knew at the end of the day she still had to write her proposal for the project. Luckily she pretty much already had everything outlined an
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