A Virgin For The Player

A Virgin For The Player

By:  Veliciah  Completed
Language: English
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[This year I will make friends, this year I will find a boyfriend, and by the end of this year, I hope to be a virgin no longer] Bullied without friends her entire life, Alice Grey hopes her college time will be different. She wishes to start over and make friends. But her hope shatters when it appears Nathan Douglas, her bully for six years, will attend the same college. Nathan Douglas is a promising future NHL player. His fans expect him to be picked up fast, but Nathan isn't sure if a hockey player career is what he wants. He is a complete player on campus and finds pleasure in teasing Alice Grey for being a virgin. Her embarrassment is his delight. But Nathan soon runs into a slight problem—every night, Nathan experiences super realistic dreams where Alice is his future wife. Due to his dreams, Nathan begins to see Alice in a different light, but is there a happy ending when you catch feelings for the person who fears you more than death?

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A Virgin For The Player is a ya/teen novel by Veliciah with a rating score of 10 that tells the story of a bully who falls in love with his victim. Bullied her entire life, Alice Grey hopes that college time will be finally different, but her hopes are shattered when she discovers that her bully, Nathan Douglas, will attend the exact same college. He starts teasing her again for being a virgin, but things change after he starts having dreams where she's his future wife. Read the novel to learn if their story will have a happy ending.

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Chapter 1
Alice My name is Alice Grey, and I've never had a friend. I'm unsure why. It's not like I'm mean—quite the contrary, I'm friendly. Yet I've been bullied and alone my entire life. It started back in middle school. No one ever wanted to pick me when people called out names to form their teams for those dumb sports in school. I hung out in the back, introverted and afraid. Then when the person choosing for their team would finally reluctantly say my name, I always felt relieved to be remembered. I'm the type of person most people forget even exists. But maybe this will be my year. Today is my first day as a college freshman, and my hands and neck are covered in a cold sweat as I walk up the stairs. My heart is pumping a mile per minute. This year I will no longer be weak little Alice Grey! I will walk through these doors and become a new woman! Here is to a new future! I got nothing to fear! Or so I thought... Because sadly, life isn't as simple as it seems. The second I walk
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Chapter 2
NathanMy roommate Andrew is out with his girlfriend tonight. I'm alone in the frathouse since I seem to be the only one who couldn't care less about women and relationships. I'm a lone wolf, and even though women are drawn to me, I've been accused of looking intimidating. Probably because of my size. I'm a big guy, even for a hockey player.And I don't mean fat—fuck no. I'm shredded, broad-shouldered, and tall, VERY tall. It makes people skitter away from me like I'm Moses walking through the red sea.And I like that. People stay away from me, but sometimes—My heart pangs with hurt and anger when the memory of Alice Grey's frightened eyes comes to mind. Earlier in the parking lot, her entire face seemed to scream at me to get the hell away from her.Why does that bother me so much? I shouldn't care. Alice is a nobody. Yet it hurt when she looked at me like I was a monster. That tiny woman is so goddamn afraid of me. "Yeah, and whose fault is that dipshit?" I rake my fingers throug
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Chapter 3
NathanI'm standing in the parking lot after hockey practice. This is my first cigarette of the day, and I can't even enjoy it. Not after she told me to quit.Alice Grey.Suddenly, I remember her voice saying, "You have a big heart, Nathan. You may look intimidating, but your gentle heart is part of why I love you so much."My chest constricts when those words sink into my head, and the image of her older self smiling at me hits my brain. She was beautiful as my wife. Mousy, brown hair dangling down the sides of her round cheeks. Glossy lips caught in the most captivating smile I've ever seen.Suddenly, I'm not even interested in other women anymore.That version of Alice that I saw in my dream has ruined me. She was the most stunning woman I've ever seen: Large breasts, glowing cheeks, and kind eyes. She was also carrying my child!I sigh and massage my eyelids, yet no matter what, I can't get Alice out of my head.Damn it all!How will I ever be able to forget how that other Alice
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Chapter 4
Alice It's after school, and I have realized that I need to try my hardest to make some friends. I even have the perfect plan. Our hockey team, The Fighting Devils, has a fan club that has been leaving notes all around campus. They are searching for new members, and even though I know nothing about this violent sport, I think this could be my chance. Many girls are in the fan club, and I will join them. Brilliant plan, right? If only I weren't so nervous... I suck in a deep breath to calm myself. It's cold inside the ice hockey arena, and the sounds of guys grunting and hitting the puck fill my ears. People sit on the bleachers, watching the practice as if put under a spell, and my eyes land on Winnie. A smile spread over my lips. Winnie is the girl whose number was left on the fliers. She is the chairman of the fan club and is supposedly friendly. We texted earlier, and she told me to come and meet her here. "Got to make it over there, I guess," I mumble as I pave my way p
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Chapter 5
AliceI'm hurrying to the parking lot in the dark. Despite being old enough to do whatever I want, I value my relationship with my parents. Therefore, I plan on continuing to come home in time for mom's home-cooked dinners. My mom works as a chef. She owns a restaurant with my dad, and regardless of what anyone may think, we only speak English in our family. I hate when people expect me to understand Chinese, and my mother cooks Italian meals. She is excellent in the kitchen, which is probably why my four sisters never skip meals. We are all very respectful of our parents. I hurry my steps, only to glance to the right when I hear footsteps approaching. Nathan is walking beside me, and with his freakishly long legs, it doesn't take long for him to catch up. My skin crawls, and my heart leaps into my throat. I fear Nathan, but I'm too irritated to let it show. "Are you stalking me now?" I snap at him. Nathan pauses briefly, and I do the same. We stand facing each other like two a
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Chapter 6
NathanI'm so fucking stupid! Why did I raise my voice at Alice, and why did I get into the car?! I said she wasn't worth it, but the joke is on me because my heart won't stop aching, and my brain won't shut off!Those images from that dream are hunting me as I drive. I see the other Alice's smile, and the picture mixes with the real-life Alice I saw earlier. Their faces, eyes, and smiles—it's all the same!"Damn," I say while driving and suck in a deep breath. "That dream really messed me up..."Tears are stinging behind my eyelids, but I don't shed them. I'm a grown man, for fuck's sake. It would be stupid to cry over something like this, and yet... Yet I'm close. I was about to have a fifth daughter in that dream—I held Lily in my arms. She was perfect. Cute and adorable with tiny little toes. Her lion mane was a mess, and she smiled when I held her. How will I forget about her?And Alice... Fuck Alice. She isn't mine. I don't even know her in real life, yet when I saw how Andr
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Chapter 7
AliceI've had the best week ever!Winnie has quickly become my best friend. We are both studying prelaw, but there is a difference between us: her heart is in it. But I, on the other hand, honestly don't want to become an attorney.I just want to make my parents proud. They would probably be disappointed if I told them about my dream. It's a big secret, but I want to draw. It could be for comic books. Or maybe even comics on the web?"Hm, which one should I choose..." Winnie is standing ahead of me in the food line, taking her sweet time picking her hamburger.I roll my eyes at her. "They are all the same.""Aha!" Winnie exclaims. "This one!"I have to resist the urge to laugh when she picks her food. Winnie is a character, alright, but I like her. She is my first friend, and that's precious. I never want to lose her. "Hey, Alice?" Winnie beams at me when I look over my shoulder. "I'm going to go and sit with the others. But we are sitting by the table right over there—"Winnie!"We
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Chapter 8
AliceI'm nervous. Music blasts from the frathouse, and people are lining up the street. This is the first party I've ever been to, and I'm close to freaking out from the sheer pressure. What if people will find me boring?Will I even have fun here?What if, for some reason, that doesn't make sense, people just start bullying me out of nowhere? I know the chances are slim to none, but I'm just so freaking scared and traumatized from high school. I sometimes have trouble understanding why Winnie is even willing to be my friend. My heart is booming when Winnie pats my shoulder. A wide grin has spread over her face. "Are you excited?"I try my hardest to smile. "A little." But I'm mostly scared."Good, because this is going to be fun," Winnie fishes up her phone and unlocks her screen, mumbling. "Andrew told us we could skip the line... Let me just text him to come to the door..."I try to keep it together while Winnie calls Andrew. My eyes go to the left and right, landing on all the
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Chapter 9
NathanAlice and I make quite a team, and I'm having fun. "Down you go!" Alice shouts when she manages to push another girl off the shoulders of some random bloke. "Another victory for team Nathan and Alice! Let's go!"Water splashes in my eyes, and people whistle around the pool. I don't make a move to get up, though. Alice and I are finally down to our last challenge. The next battle will be our fight against Jake and Winnie. "Ladies and gentlemen!" The judge speaks over the noise in an anchor's tone. "We are finally down to the last battle between team Alice and Nathan and Winnie and Jake! Who is going to win?!"People whistle and cheer. Some hold their glasses in the air, and a few red plastic cups float around in the pool. Gross. I wrinkle my nose in disgust, but instant happiness finds me when I look up at the dwarf sitting on my shoulders. Alice weighs nothing. She is adorably tiny yet larger-than-life in my heart. Why can't she be mine already?Seeing Alice's smile makes m
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Chapter 10
Alice"My mom will kill me if I come home like this," I hiccup and laugh at how my voice sounds. Shit. I'm wasted. A wasted squirrel. Yup, that's me. I also feel kind of... Like, I don't know. I can't be bothered. "Fuck, she is wasted," Andrew's large hands land on my shoulders, and I smile up at him. "Sup?"He tries not to smile but ends up snorting anyway. "What am I supposed to do with you?""Let Alice sleep in your bed and share the living room with my brother and me? Jake is putting Winnie in our room.""Oh, then, can Alice have your bed?""Psh, no way. I want no stray girls in my bed. Let her sleep in yours. I don't think Nathan is home anyway.""Fine."I'm not sure what is happening. I can't keep my eyes open, and the entire world is spinning. Am I being carried? I think so. "I will make you sleep in my bed.""That's nice..." I mumble. The world turns black.Later, much later, I open my eyes and find myself lying in someone else's uncomfortable bed."Shit..."My ears pick u
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