I lean against my door as my heart thumps wildly in my chest.

I can't believe I just accepted a man wanting me. He is so beautiful, and he wants me. He is sweet, and I feel like he is someone I could actually fall in love with. At no time did he make me feel scared or insignificant.

"Wow," I breathe as I look at the hand he kissed.

The memory of how soft his lips felt seems to be imprinted on my knuckle, and I can't help but yearn for more. Before I can question myself, I bring my hand toward my face. I kiss the exact spot he did, and giddiness instantly feels my stomach. I smile and cradle my hand to my chest as if it is a unique treasure. Tonight has been more special than I ever thought it could be. Something new has been unlocked within me, and I never want it imprisoned again.

I walk to my bathroom and begin removing my beautiful white dress. I wash my face and brush out my hair with a smile the entire time. Terrax has given me something to be excited for, and I don't s
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