The crowd's aggressive chants echo inside my head as we approach our seats. They seem to be in an excited trance. The fact that we are coming in late means nothing to them. They are ready for violence and possible death.

"Zuri, trade me," Krystal whispers, and Zuri nods.

She switches with Krystal, which places Zuri on the end next to the mean Maksin and Krystal next to me.

As we sit down, I spot two Coks already positioned to fight in the middle of the field, and I realize we were pretty much moments from missing the start.

I look over the two fighters, and my stomach drops. I bite my lip as fear and anxiety rip through me.

They look ready to kill. Nothing about their stances says friendly competition. This will be bloody, and I am not prepared for blood. I am not ready for violence.

"Do they look bigger today," Krystal whispers as she leans toward me and I nod without taking my bottom lip from between my teeth.

They look massive! Like giants bred to d
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