"We have to go back," I softly whine, and Jali nods while giggling.

"Yes. If you had paid attention, you would have known that," Jali says, and I gaze at my bed longingly.

I was hoping I could shower and jump into bed after meeting with the females. I completely forgot we were expected to eat dinner with the males.

"I'm exhausted," I mumble as she fusses with my hair.

She nods and dabs at my cheeks with something I can't see.

"That's normal," she replies, matter-of-fact-like, and I groan.

I am quickly realizing I can't get out of this. I am going to be stuck eating dinner with a whole bunch of guys. Males make me uncomfortable on a good day; then factor in my exhaustion, and this is a recipe for disaster.

"But I'm not hungry. We had a bunch of finger foods while meeting the other women," I grumble, and she laughs.

"While I am enjoying you showing more emotion, I can't excuse you from this. This is day one of the tournament, Fiadh. Everything must go according t
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