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High School Love! It all starts with the good girl meeting the bad boy and falling in love with him, fighting the battles together, letting out deepest secrets and at the end of the day, they live happily ever after! But is that really it? What happens AFTER!After getting each other's heart.After fighting for each other.After the whole mushy and cliche love.After all the promises.After high school. Just After!

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35 Chapters
NovaHigh school was not exactly bad for me, it was the best days of my life, well, after I met him.I used to be a regular high school girl, went to parties, shopping on the weekends, and sometimes sleep over at friends.I did well in my studies, made mom proud and dad proud, until dad had to die of leukemia, I was just in my sophomore years. That was when I met him.He made me feel alive once again, made me realize I could be happy, he always told me not to think of my dad as a missing part.“He lives in you” was exactly his usual statement. I was only happy after he came into my life.What do you say abou
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Chapter One
NovaMonday mornings are so annoying, I have to rush down to work, get everything ready for all of this crazy and rude clients.The most annoying ones are the men, always making advances at me or staring at me like I am some piece of meat.I looked in my full sized mirror not to confirm if I am properly dressed but to admire my beauty.Funny you might think, but I am not the type of woman who depended on other people's approval, I am confident in myself.It is all of God's fault. Looking up with my hand clasped together over my face I said.“Forgive me God for you are always right” but it is your fault for making me this beautiful and attractive.Standing 5.8 ft is a dream for a whole of ladies, in addition to that, I have an hour glass sh
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Chapter Two
NovaFor years, I had imagined us meeting again but not in this manner or this setting.I had imagined we will meet in a cafe and I will pretend not to know him, we might meet in a company of my own, and he will walk in needing my help but I will totally deny it.Not in my wildest imagination did I ever think he will be walking into my boss' office, staring at me with judgemental eyes.I knew him so well, the thoughts running through his head, he must think of me as wayward and disgusting, that look which I know so well, the way he stares at Tara then whenever she clings to him.“Jordan Myers, it's nice to see you” Drey said smiling widely at him but Jordan's eyes was stuck on me, I could not help but wonder what the hell he was doing here.Drey's eyes moved from Jordan to me,
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Chapter Three
JordanWalking into the director's office as I was told, I never expected to see what I saw or who I saw, I knew she worked here but not in my wildest dreams did I ever think she will be having an affair with her boss.Nova is a lady with more pride than to stoop so low, maybe they have some sort of serious relationship, I thought but it just couldn't be, Nova is mine and mine only.I know I did her wrong but when I said I love her, I meant it. Maybe I should not have gone to that crazy party, maybe I should have chosen my friends wisely as Nova would always advice but no, I did the exact opposite and started regretting after.College was wild, my roommates were seniors and they were crazy ones, who was there to stop me though? Dad stopped caring a few months before I resumed college and mom? She wasn't any better, moving from one man to another, sleeping wit
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Chapter Four
NovaWe stood in my office staring at each other like it was a staring contest, I could not help but admire what an handsome man he had become, not that he was not handsome back then but the matured look made him even more handsome."Mr Jordan Myers" I said not breaking eye contact."Miss Nova Lionel" he replied still holding my gaze, this was stupid I thought as I averted my eyes from his or maybe I just could not bear the emotions flooding through me."I knew you will give up eventually" he told me laughing, I know how crazy he can be but I am also the same girl I used to be, even better!"That is because I don't have time to waste, now may I ask you, why do you want to work for us" I replied in an overly professional tone, he faked a
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Chapter Five
NovaJust like every morning, I made myself breakfast and went back upstairs to get myself ready for work, today, in a black and white checkered short skirt and jacket with a black top beneath.I grabbed my car keys on my make-up table and went downstairs to grab my pancakes in a small plate and made myself a cup of coffee, then made my way to my car. My neighbor was out again like every day, we did the good morning waves and I got into my car, straight to work.Well, straight to work was what I thought until this strange number called me. It took a little while to decide if I should pick up the call or not but at the end, I did.“Nova Lionel speaking, who am I unto?”“Jordan Myers, good morning to you to” I me
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Chapter Six
JordanI wanted to do this shoot and get over with, especially when I will have to team up with Shem. When I got here yesterday, I saw her insulting workers in here and later on she was flirting with me making me dislike her immediately.She seem to be a new recruit and she was already all over the place, when she called this morning that she wouldn't be able to make it for the shoot, I was so glad.Ramos was pissed when he heard that she cancelled, everything was arranged in a rush and now she cancelled, it only mean all these stress will be gone through again just because of her."This is completely messed up, I can't work with lackadaisical people like this" Ramos lamented, he was visibly stressed. Then an idea popped into my head."I
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Chapter Seven
NovaIt was so annoying having to do this, Jordan is just going to make me go crazy but do I have a choice? That is what you get from sleeping with the boss."Come over Ms. Lionel" Gabby, the make-up artist called me over for what I know will end up as hours of make-up.I went over regardless, it is not like I have a choice, do I? Well.... Now that I think of it, I do."Can you pleaseg me few minutes?" I pleaded with Gabby and went over to speak with Drey who was busy talking to someone over the phone."Can I call you later?" He asked whoever it was he was speaking with and ended the call. He raised his head up to stare at me, as he was lower than I am in his seated position.His wi
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Chapter Eight
NovaWhere were we last time? Oh, I told you about Tony, next was Carrick, he really did like me and my friends, especially Honey thought he was "The One".Well, he was the kind of guy any lady wants, caring, loving, romantic, handsome, god-fearing, yeah he was a total package but he happened not to be in love with me but obsessed.I got some guys to scare him, his mother had to no choice than to move out of town just to ensure her son was safe. So sad.Felix was next, Miley thought he was so badass."Bad boys are the best" She told me, well until he cheats on you with the bitch Tara.Finally Jordan, the topic for our Girls night today.
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Chapter Nine
NovaI was pacing back and forth in my living room, Trish was seated cuddling my teddy, fool! Miley on the other hand was seated next to Honey.We just couldn't believe her mom was marrying Samuel. Tara will feel so high, only heaven knows what she will make out this."This can't happen" Honey almost cried, I know how much she hates these weddings."It won't" Miley assured her, my whole head on the other hand was a total mess thinking about how to put an end to this craziness."Maybe you should just tell her you don't want it" Trish told her probably without thinking, how would she expect Honey walking up to her mom only to tell her she does not want her to marry who she wants to marry.Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with Trish, she never even knows what to say at anytime. Honey
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