Chapter Sixty

Something vibrated under me, I ignored it but it became louder and louder by each second. I groaned before sticking my hand under my pillow and taking my phone out.

I opened one eye, it was my alarm, the time was 2am already.

"Fuck.. noo it's too soon..." I groaned in between my teeth.

"What time should you be at work..?" Kat whispered frightening me a bit, I mean I thought she was still very much sound asleep, but then again the loudness of this phone could have woken her up.

I sighed tirelessly, "at four baby..."

"Then why did you set the alarm two hours early?" She asked and I got up into a sitting position while still feeling sleepy, "baby I have to familiarize myself with the script.. worse lately I have been so into you and other shit.."

I closed my eyes and listened to my girlfriend's sexy voice that responded with a, "baby couldn't you wake up around to 3.. you are not that dumb.."

If I wasn't as tired as I am I was going

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