Chapter Fifty Nine

I stood there shaking my head in disbelief, I couldn't believe that she was in my place after I warned her about it. This was pure disrespect.

"I believe I asked a question..." I mattered as calmly as I could.

The woman looked around the house nodding to her self a bit, I internally knew shit was about to come out of her mouth and I was going to make her regret it.

She shrugged off, "relax would you, I just wanted to see where she stays..." she looked around again, "...the place is pretty, one wouldn't believe it's yours.."

"Oh no this place, this place isn't mine," I said sarcastically, "I mean me here? People like us belong on 7nth street Simone, It's not far from here actually. Down there where prostitutes belong.. don't worry I'm heading there anyways.."

The house went flipping quiet, I went past Simone then took Kat's bag that was on the couch. My eyes landed on Gail, she had this guilt look on her face.

I shook my head a bit and w

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