Alpha Dane

Alpha Dane

By:  Cc Lopez  Ongoing
Language: English
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Mia's world turned upside down the day her own flesh and blood, her father, traded her to the creatures of the night. She was powerless in the face of his betrayal, forced into a life of servitude and submission at the hands of her new masters. The darkness of her captivity surrounded her like a shroud. Yet, amidst the hopelessness and fear that threatened to consume her, Mia struggles with an unexpected and forbidden emotion: attraction. Her captor was unlike any other creature she had encountered before - powerful, alluring, and utterly captivating. Despite her anger and resentment towards him for holding her captive, Mia could not help but be drawn to the raw power and magnetism that he exuded. She wondered how long she could resist the pull that seemed to grow stronger with each passing day. But even as she grappled with her feelings, Mia remained determined to escape her captors and break free from the chains that bound her.

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Twala Roan
Definitely a great read.
2023-06-02 10:41:34
18 Chapters
Chapter One
As I gazed at the night sky in McCall, my thoughts drifted back to my life in Mexico. It was just a year ago that I lived in constant fear and looked over my shoulder every moment of the day. My father, once the king of the cartel, lost his power due to his greed. He forced me to move here to hide until things settled down, but I knew deep down that one day, the consequences of his actions would catch up with him.I was raised on the border close to Juarez, where the surrounding people perceived me as a foreigner due to my blonde hair and blue eyes. They questioned whether I truly belonged to the Leon bloodline. It seems my father also harbored some resentment toward me for the same reason. Perhaps he also had doubts about my paternity.My name is Mia Leon, daughter of Felix Leon, a man feared by many. He had gained the nickname "life snatcher" due to his lack of compassion and unwillingness to show any sort of weakness, even towards his own family. He had even killed his own uncle ov
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Chapter Two
I looked between Kara and her father with my brows narrowed. "Death? By what?" I asked, feeling confused."Mia, there are some unexplainable things that go on around here." Mr. Black announced.Tell me about it.Kara always talked about the things on the full moon. However, it's unclear why they would target my father and want him dead. Although he was a complete asshole, death seemed extreme, but maybe in his line of work appropriate."So, explain," I replied."I'm not sure it's a good idea," Kara interrupted.It puzzled me as I stared at Kara for a moment before speaking. "Why are you hiding something from me? You know everything about me." I asked in disbelief.It hurt that she didn't think I could handle whatever they seemed to be hiding."Mia, I'm sure Kara has told you about the creatures of the night." He glanced at Kara, giving her a stern look as if he was telling her 'You should have kept your mouth shut' then looked back at me. "Well, they're not just stories," Mr. Black co
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Chapter Three
We drove for what seemed like an eternity. My heart was pounding in my chest, and I was certain he could hear it. The man blindfolded me and held me still in the backseat, while another man whom I couldn’t see was driving. They chatted and laughed as if they hadn’t just abducted a seventeen-year-old girl. To make matters worse, my father had given me away as if I were not a person, but merely an object. As the car abruptly stopped, it disrupted my thoughts. “We’re here,” the man said as he grabbed me by the wrists and pulled me out of the vehicle. “Hey! That hurts asshole!” I shouted. The man hit the back of my head with a slap. The force of it sent me reeling forward, my feet slipping on the loose gravel that covered the ground beneath me. I stumbled, my arms flailing wildly as I fought to maintain my balance, but it was no use. I fell forward, my hands scraping against the rough surface of the gravel as I tried desperately to stop myself. “You better watch your tongue girl,
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Chapter Four
As I walked towards the table, the man from the office kept a close eye on every movement of my hips. Once I reached the table, all the men stared at me, scanning me from head to toe. A bunch of perverts, if you ask me. They were gawking at me like I was their dessert, despite me being only seventeen years old. Well, only for a few more days, but still it was disgusting how they eyed me as if I was the next notch above their bedpost. “Champagne?” I asked, looking at the group. “Damn, I knew you were sexy, but not that sexy. My cock is so hard right now.” He stated. I was startled when the man struck Dash forcefully at the back of his head, causing him to nearly be thrown off his chair. “Don’t be a dickhead!” He then grabbed a glass from my tray. “Dane, stop being so polite. You’re the alpha, for Christ’s sake,” he said while rubbing the back of his head. “Alpha?” I asked curiously. “Shut up and go back to work,” Dash said as he was about to push me away. However, Dane interv
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Chapter Five
Dane looked down at me on the floor and asked, “Why are you down there?” I attempted to stand up, but Dane extended his hand to assist me. Once upright, I avoided eye contact and gazed down at the ground. I was apprehensive about revealing my face to Dane, as I was already sporting bruises. “We were just talking, Alpha Dane.” Catrina lied. He asked Catrina skeptically, “So girls talk on the floor now?” while tilting his head. The girl who came to help me tried to hold back her laughter. Dane glanced at her questionably. “Got something to add Kendra?” “Catrina is a lying bitch,” Kendra unveiled. “Fuck you!” Catrina snapped back. Dane looked at all of us before settling his gaze on me. “New girl, what happened?” I tilted my head to the side, letting my hair fall over my eye, and replied, “Nothing, sir.” Catrina hissed, “It’s Alpha!” “I don’t understand what you’re talking about. You keep mentioning Luna, Alpha, and me being human. What is all this even supposed to mean?”
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Chapter Six
As night approached, I realized that if I hadn’t convinced Dane to listen to reason, Catrina would be in danger of losing her life. Additionally, there was a chance that I could also be at risk due to my outspoken nature. As I stood in the kitchen, folding the last load of laundry, the sound of footsteps approaching caused my heart to race. The sudden noise jolted me from my train of thought, and I felt a sense of unease begin to settle in again. Despite my efforts to remain composed, my eyes darted toward the door as I waited for the source of the sound to reveal itself. It was then that I saw Dash standing there, his eyes fixed on me in a way that made me feel exposed. There was something about his presence that made me feel uneasy like he was always watching and waiting for an opportunity to pounce. As I tried to regain my composure, I couldn’t help but wonder what he was doing here. Was he simply passing by, or was there something more sinister at play? It was impossible to kn
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Chapter Seven
As I lay over Catrina in fear, waiting for what seemed like an eternity, my mind raced with thoughts of impending doom. All I could hear was the sound of my own heart pounding in my chest, drowning out any other noise around me. It was only when I dared to peek out of one eye that I saw the machete gleaming in the dim light as it hovered menacingly inches from my face. At that moment, time seemed to stand still. The adrenaline pumping through my veins made every sensation feel amplified, and I could feel the cold sweat trickling down my spine. My thoughts turned to all the things I wished I had done differently, all the moments I had wasted, and all the people I had failed to tell how much they meant to me. But suddenly, I noticed the blade had stopped moving.Kendra rushed over and knelt. “Are you fucking insane?!”Dane took the blade away from my face and looked at me angrily. “I had the ability to end your life."I covered Catrina like a blanket, not giving them a chance to proceed
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Chapter Eight
Dash shifted his gaze back and forth between me and Dane as if he was trying to discern the situation he had just entered.Dane nodded, his gaze lingering on me for a moment before he turned to Dash. “Gather the pack. We’ll meet in the clearing in ten minutes.” As Dash left the room, Dane turned to me. “I’m sorry, Mia. Duty calls.” I nodded, with my heart still racing from the intensity of our moment. “What’s going on?” I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach that I couldn’t shake.“We need to secure the border. Wait here, and we’ll continue this conversation later, once I’m back,” he said as he cradled my chin between his index finger and thumb. “Don’t look so worried.”As soon as his hand lifted from my skin, it felt as if my entire soul went with him.Why was I feeling this way?He gave me a small smile before exiting the room, his broad shoulders disappearing through the doorway. As I stood there alone, I couldn’t help but wonder what could have been if we weren’t interrupted.
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Chapter Nine
I was struck by the sheer magnificence of the animal. Its coat was a shimmering light blonde, its eyes piercing and intelligent. But it was more than just its physical beauty that captivated me - there was an aura of power and grace emanating from the wolf that was almost palpable. As I stood there, watching the wolf move with effortless grace and fluidity, I felt a rush of adrenaline coursing through my veins. There was something about this particular wolf that was truly exceptional - a quality that set it apart from all the others. Perhaps it was the way it carried itself, with a regal bearing that commanded respect and admiration. Or maybe it was the fierce intelligence that burned in its eyes, a testament to the wild spirit that lay within. Whatever the reason, I found myself unable to tear my gaze away. Every movement, every sound, every twitch of its powerful muscles held me spellbound. And as I stood there, lost in admiration for this magnificent creature, I couldn’t help but
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Chapter Ten
Kade had Kara, and I was terrified that he could have killed her.“KARA!” I screamed and attempted to run toward the back, but Kade grabbed me and forcefully pushed me onto the couch. I struggled to break free. “What did you do to my friend?” I demanded.Kade had me pinned. “Nothing she didn’t like.” My hands gripped his cheek, which was already extensively bleeding from an injury, and dug my nails into the laceration. “If you have harmed her, I will personally take your life!” I whispered menacingly.He smirked and removed my hand from his face as if I wasn’t hurting him. He leaned in and said, “She felt great, and the best part was her begging me to stop.”I pushed him, but he remained immovable. “You’re a repulsive spawn of Satan!” I used all my strength to push him away from me and attacked him.As I found myself straddling him on the hard, cold floor, throwing wild punches at his grinning face, my frustration and anger began to boil over. Each swing was a desperate attempt to m
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