Chased By The Alpha Don

Chased By The Alpha Don

By:  Scilla Writes  Ongoing
Language: English
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Lillian or Lily Torreltini is an Omega born of an Alpha father, this made her be on her father’s and pack’s bad side as a disgrace and a worthless child, and in order to get rid of her, she gets auctioned off and Sold to Alpha Don, A powerful unmated Alpha Don who suddenly realized that Lily was his mate after he purchased her from an auction house. He forced Lily to become his Luna and he introduced her to his pack, not until his father, the former Alpha of Crimson pack and the leader of their family Mafia organization refused her as his Luna because she's an Omega. And had another She-wolf prepared for him. However, Nikolai isn't ready to give up on Lily, even when she constantly rejects him. He suddenly finds himself obsessed with her. And the powerful Alpha Don would put his life on the line just to protect and make her his.

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4 Chapters
1☆☆ The Auction
The indistinct noise of men whistling, mixed in the sounds of music, filtered the air as Lily Torreltini was led through a dark passageway towards a huge hall.From a distance, Lily understood the scene that awaited her, her whole body trembling as she was being pulled roughly by two werewolf guards who looked fierce and gruesome. "Move it!" One of them declared, but Lily could barely catch up with them as they walked faster, and her legs were coated in huge iron chains. Her hands weren't left out as they were also handcuffed in similar chains. When they finally arrived at the hall, Lily was pushed down by the guards, and they locked the huge gate behind the stage, and they left. Lily felt her heart palpitate in her chest as she raised her gaze, looking around the place. The dark club room was suddenly filled with bright lights, and a fluorescent white light was thrown down directly at Lily.She instantly turned her face away from the crowd, feeling shameful for what was about to h
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2 ☆☆Don't Hurt Me
Chapter 2After being dragged through the hallways again, Lily was blindfolded and pushed into a room that was inside the clubhouse. She couldn't untie herself because her hands were chained, but Lily still had her senses and could perceive the presence of someone inside the room with her. Lily turned immediately, "who's there?" She asked. A powerful aura that filled the room, making Lily know that the person inside with her was no ordinary person.Lily tried to speak to her, and she was unable to summon her."Aya!" She groaned, calling out her wolf, but no response came from her. Aya only responds to Lily once in a while, and that makes Lily frustrated."Who are you?" Lily asked this time fiercely. Her instincts couldn't have failed her. There was indeed someone inside the room with her, but he refused to answer her.Lily struggled to pull her hands from the handcuffs, she clenched and twisted her fist, she had small hands so it was easy for her to push it out of the cuffs since th
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3 ☆☆Strip!!
Chapter 3Nikolai was outside the room, standing in the hallway when his Beta, Alex, arrived."Alpha, is there anything wrong with the she-wolf? We can always have her returned" he meaningfully suggested to him. Alex noticed the displeased looks on his face and that forced him to ask his master about his encounter.Nikolai looked at him coldly, "I never complained about her." He said briefly."Have her prepared and sent to my mansion" he declared and he left, handing his coat on his shoulders.When Nikolai arrived at his car which was parked outside the auction house, he rushed inside to sit and calm his nerves as the unidentifiable feeling increased in him.He placed his hand in his chest, feeling his heartbeat faster as though it wanted to burst out of his chest. ‘She is our Mate, nikolai.’ Aiden, his wolf explained to him.Nikolai knew and recognized the feeling he felt but he never expected it to happen to him now, not at this time when he already gave up on the heist of finding
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3 ☆☆Runway
Chapter 4Lily felt her blood freeze as soon as she heard the door open. Whoever it was would notice that she wasn't in the room and they might go after her even before she gets down the building.Lily was scared but didn't let it get to her as she continued her actions by climbing down hastily. She had done this before when her father threatened to punish her. Lily once climbed down their three storey building tall pack house and it was easy for her to do it in minutes.Right now, she was trying to apply the same technique to this complicated five story tall mansion.She kept convincing herself that it wasn't hard for her to do it. By the time she cheered herself on, Lily had already passed three storeys and she was at the fourth one.As she wanted to step her foot on the window of one of the rooms, Lily missed a foot. She instantly grabbed the pane of another window and forced herself to hang on to it. Lily wanted to scream out in fear but she dared not attempt it or else she'll g
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