Chapter 13

I slept peacefully with pickles in the fluffy white bed regardless of my circumstances, last night was free of nightmares for some odd reason. While the lack of nightmares confused me, I was grateful. My real life had become a nightmare, the last thing I needed was for my demons to haunt me as I slept.

I spent the day in my house-like bedroom, refusing to leave even for food or water. The last thing I wanted was to see Alpha Killian's face. I still couldn't understand if he had some kind of mood disorder or if he just wanted to wait until I was on his territory to be an absolute dick to me.

Sierra whimpered at the thought of our mate hurting us. She had already begun to grow attached to his strong face and charcoal eyes. I on the other hand was more sure than ever about my distaste for mates. This was exactly what i had been worried about.

I could tell it was late in the afternoon as the sun began to set through my window and the sky began to dim. A
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Stacy Miller
I think listening to her mom has really affected her . she has it in her head that he is going to rape her cuz her mom was raped. the advice she gave her was dumb. she is not even trying to get to know him
goodnovel comment avatar
Janice Abrahams
I'm loving how unpredictable this book is. never really even thinking it could flip like that. thank uou for not confirming to the quick jump into the bond...
goodnovel comment avatar
Karina Vazquez
She is not even trying to get along with him

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