Chapter 14

*Kira's p.o.v*

I left Claire to go change for dinner and made my way to Killian's bedroom where I'm sure he was busy sulking.

I knocked on his bedroom door a few times and finally decided to let myself in when he didn't answer. And there my brother was, the big bad Blood Moon Alpha, sitting on his bed brooding over a hundred and ten pound girl.

"Was me not answering not a good enough reason for you to go the fuck away?" My brother snarled, which would scare most people, but he didn't fool me.

"Look, me and Travis are taking Claire to dinner with us." I rolled my eyes at him. As big and scary as he looked, he sure acted like a kid sometimes.

"You'll do no such thing." He snapped, standing up from his bed as he glowered at me. My annoyance with him continued to reach new heights.

"Oh I am. She already hates you for locking her up for three days, which was a dick move if I do say so myself. Taking her to dinner will give
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Why is she 17 in this story? Not cool, not cool.
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Barbara Kay Johnson
this story is so good
goodnovel comment avatar
they’re not of drinking age

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