By:  Yvenin Dawn  Ongoing
Language: English
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"What if everything you once believe aren't all real? Literally." Angelo is trapped in a curse. He rises and wakes up everytime his beloved is reincarnated to change the tragic loop of in their love story, but then fate is playful. After a thousand years, he fell in love with somebody else and this is the delimma. Who will he choose? The woman who he wakes up for? Or the woman he just fell in love with?

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Antar Bedouin
Truly blessed with the talent of waking up reader's emotions. I cried for Jillian ... Thank you for sharing your story!Keep it up!...............
2021-08-31 14:30:39
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Khem J
Support ko din tu ??
2020-09-29 18:50:26
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Apratyashita Thakur
The synopsis seems very interesting. Can't wait to read.???
2020-09-21 11:04:37
user avatar
I like the plot line and your main characters!
2021-09-01 01:26:48
25 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Escape
JILLIANThe only angle I can see from below is the feet of my dad walking towards the door. I can feel the warm liquid flowing from my eyes wetting my cheeks and flooding the area my face landed after I drop my body on the floor. My dad beats me again, giving me new bruises and scratches. My old ones are not yet healed but there he gave me new sets of them again.It’s hard to breath with my chest tightening so much baring all the emotional pain that’s invading my heart. I have always wished to be numb and empty. I’m tired of all my sufferings.Thought I’m also suffering physical pain, I still forced myself to stand up enduring all of it. I can’t help but stare at myself in the huge mirror I got inside my small room. My wavy light brown hair is all messed up, covering half of my face exposing my eye with dark circles in it. My light brown eyes don’t look the same and the bruise near my lower lip is making me look like a small girl be
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Chapter 2: The Enchanted Man
JILLIAN“Angelo.” I uttered his name once again as my eyes started to feel heavy. They closed and I’m going to be taken far into some deep dream once more. But it feels weird. It’s like I’m already asleep and is waking.“Jillian.”I know that voice that’s repeatedly calling me. Why is he here?“Jillian! Wake up!” He is hurting my ears with his loud and angry voice. A sudden kick woke me up making me cough and curl to my knees. My stomach felt his huge feet with heavy shoes harassingly kicking me.“I see you are still alive,” he spoke with his normal voice. I forced to open my eyes only to see how blurry my vision was. Water is covering my eyes and I have no choice but to let them flow once more crying in silent.“Stand up and do your chores!” My stepmom is here too walking from the door. They left me there still weak and unable to move right. I stud
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Chapter 3: The Chase
JILLIANMy eyes slowly opened as the sun’s warmth touches my skin. I wasn’t dreaming anymore, I’m still inside the mansion. What’s unusual is that I’m indeed in a bed but everything is empty again. I ran outside and see nothing too, including downstairs. There is no sign of that Angelo again.After fixing myself a bit, I decided to go back to my dad’s house to at least steal some of my clothes. Their loud voices arguing over something is what I’m hearing from the outside. I can’t hear what it is but they are both furious. My heart started beating like a drum when I realized I’m like a few steps away from the house. I can completely hear them now.“So you really don’t wanna find your stupid daughter?” That voice belongs to my stepmom. “I said you go find her!”“I’m not your maid or anything! And the hell I care about her ha?”“Then we will have no more slave here. Cook then
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Chapter 4: The Promise
JILLIANHis hand is tightly holding my hand taking me away from the house. I don’t know how he took all those chains away but I don’t care. All I want is to get free. I was with him during the night and still woke up in front of the house’s door. It’s disappointing but he whispered something last night.“Sleep. Sleep and you will wake up the next day. You won’t get tired anymore. You won’t feel the pain anymore,” he whispered caressing my hair last night.“So you are awake already,” my stepmom said. She pulled my chains in. “Can you move faster?” She kicked me but I can’t feel anything anymore. It’s like I’ve gone numb. I worked the whole day but I didn’t feel tired. It’s like everything is done fast and easy. My body feels light and renewed. The days passed very slowly and my world become a cycle of me holding his hand every night and working at my prison every morning. My parents didn’
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Chapter 5: The Wait
JILLIANMy parents came back. After a year, they took my chains off me. I don’t know what they did to me but I just woke up one day on a hospital with stitches on my left wrist. They even sent me to school again just like before. I don’t know what’s gotten into them.I’m in the room, staring at the scar on my wrist. My other hand started touching it, I feel like there is something inside it. Some small cylindrical stuff. It’s what my fingers can feel. The school uniform is still hanging on my body while I’m squatting on the bed. The wind outside caught my attention so I walk to the window to open it exposing the balcony through my eyes. The wind is quite strong this afternoon. I’m all alone again since my parents rarely come here. The foliage of the trees on the forest are swaying and is waving at me. I know it’s crazy but I think I saw a small kid standing there and is watching me.I ran downstairs and search
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Chapter 6: The 21st Birthday
JILLIANThe sun rays have invaded my room through the window. It’s a bit open and the curtains are being flown by the air that’s able to come inside. Today is my birthday but I don’t feel happy or excited about it. All I see is this woman staring at me with her weird smile plastered on her face.“It’s time,” she said. “What if he forgets about the promise?” I asked her.“No. He won’t. He wanted to help you out of hell.”“Hell?”“This life you have with your family.”I stood up to prepare myself though nobody in this house cares about it. I’m all alone again and if they come home, I’ll only get new bruises. They also fight for small things. It’s annoying. Angelo is coming back. That only means I can see that mansion once again. I think I miss him.A smile curved from my lips as I watch the forest from the window pane. The wind is making the tre
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Chapter 7: The Lover
JILLIANMy body is shaking a bit while my hand is forming a fist as he walks towards me holding the woman by the waist. So, it is how he holds a woman he likes. The woman smiled at me and I’m forced to reciprocate that smile though I’m so broken. I’m jealous.“Jillian, she is Carina, my woman,” Angelo spoke. My world felt like it stopped spinning. I can’t believe what he just said. I forced to maintain my composed self and act as normal as possible.“Nice to meet you,” Carina said extending her hand for a handshake. I shook with it as immediate as possible. “Nice to meet you too.”Everyone in the mansion are plastering a happy smile on their faces. Nobody knows what I’m feeling right now. They won’t understand though; they aren’t human beings. “I told you, he will come back,” the woman that’s tailing me all this time spoke again. “By the way, call me Hailey,” she added.
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Chapter 8: The Gossip
JILLIAN“A demon has risen, my grandma once told me. He only rises every time after sleeping for years.” My classmate’s voice woke me up from sleeping on my desk. My head is still plunged on my crossed arms above the table listening to their loud voice.“There’s no such thing as demons. That’s just a story for kids,” my other classmate said.“So you are saying I am a kid?”“No, silly.”“What if it’s true? She said he is leaving in a forest, in a mansion.” I lift my head after hearing what she just said and turn my body to face them.“What’s the demon’s name?” I asked making them raise their eyebrows at me. They are just a chair apart so they can hear me clearly.“Angelo,” she answered though she ignored me after that. They started talking about something else while I am still watching them. I have no friends at school because I’m scared about
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Chapter 9: The Accompaniment
JILLIANMy day went normal and when Angelo showed up again, he is back to his normal self as if nothing happened. Seeing him only reminds me of the things that I don’t know. “Do you want to do something today?” he asked.“Chores?”“No. I mean other than that.” I furrowed my eyebrows since I can’t seem to think about anything. “Come one, don’t you know how to have fun?” “Fun?” I think I never know what that even feels like. I’m clueless.“I’ll help you with chores, we are going somewhere,” he said. After he really did help me with everything, he took me somewhere. He took me on a river that I didn’t even know exist near our place.I don’t want my feelings for him to deepen that much so I didn’t allow him to hold my hand anymore. We have a basket of food good for us. Hailey also came with us like I’m having a chaperone. The two ran to the water like kids w
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Chapter 10: The Feelings
JILLIANIt’s morning again and I’m busy like always. He came visible again wearing his attractive face. I tried ignoring him but he started helping me. He grabbed on the vacuum that I’m holding to do it himself. I have no choice but do something else. “Are you okay?” he asked while I’m dusting the cabinet of my parent’s room. “Yeah.” My short reply made him all silent as we finish everything. I don’t if he finds it weird but I hope not. It’s not good if he suddenly asks what going on with me. I might burst my feelings out and he will ghost me.I went to the kitchen fast to take a chair and use it to climb the tall cabinet dusting the top. I don’t know why Hailey suddenly pushed the chair as if it’s an accident. My body jolted as I tightly close my eyes to wait for my body to feel the floor. But then I didn’t, I was between Angelo’s arms when I open my eyes. It made me startled seeing how close we are.
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