Jason's POV

"Come on baby , let's get out of here ," the slut on my lap whispers in my ears.

Normally, I'd take her up on her offer but this time my mind was on my angel.

So innocent,  so pure,  so -

"Wow!" Kevin says , staring at something.

I follow his graze and I'm shocked at what I see. 
"Look at her and I'll cut your dick off!" I growl at Kevin. He looks away immediately,  knowing I do what I say.

Shes looking absolutely beautiful and I want no man looking at her besides me. I look around and see every guy looking at her - staring at what's mine.

She lifts her head and she searches for someone. Her eyes meet mine and she holds my graze. She looks at the girl in my arms and the hurt is visible in her eyes. Is someone jealous? Did she dress this way to prove me wrong for what I said yesterday?

She lowers her head and walks on. Pushing the girl off of me , I begin walking to my car.

"Hey Jas , where u going?" Kevin asks running behind me.

"Going to blow of some steam," I state.

"Woman troubles ey , " Kevin whispers to himself


"Nothing nothing ," he surrenders.

"Keep a close eye on Rose. Any man that touches her or even looks at her inappropriately. Kill him." I say driving off in my car.


Rose POV

Grabbing me by the hand , Jason pulls me to his car. I silently protest , trying to get out of his iron grip - it doesn't work.

Tears are pouring and everyone is watching. Some give me sympathetic looks others give me looks that could kill , mainly the plastics. He puts me in his car , a dodge challenger that's black all round.

He speeds off making me grip onto my seat. We quiet the whole drive. He places his hand on my exposed thigh  and I try to move his hand. He squeezes my thigh , and i whimper in pain. I already see my skin bruising.

Parking his car , I see we reached my house.

"M - my house?," I whisper

Getting out the car , he grabs my arm again and pulls me to the front door.

"I know alot of things about you princess ," he bends down , picking the front door mat up , " like where you keep the spare key." As he picks the key up and unlocks the door.

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