My mind is officially blown!

He knows where I live , where I keep my spare key. Could he have been in the black van yesterday that was outside my house yesterday night?

He pulls me upstairs and goes to my bedroom. Throwing me on the bed roughly , I begin to sob.
He pulls my study chair and sits infront of me with his hand supporting his chin. He looks at me with dark eyes and I see his brain working.

"Why did you wear these clothes?" he asked, awfully calm.

I keep quiet , in my head I have a thousand comebacks but my mouth wouldn't open.

"Kitten , I'm waiting!" He says abit angry.

"I - im not a grand - grandma," I say lowering my head and fiddle with my fingers.

His quiet until he grabs my neck but he doesn5 choke me.

"So you decided to dress like a whore," he laughs evilly.

He brings his face closer to mine and stares in my eyes. My eyes plead with him to let go.

"Fine. Wanna dress like a whore , dress like one." He spits and with his free hand , he pulls at my clothes tearing them from its seams.

He does it so quickly that I don't even comprehend what was happening. Leaving me in my bra and underwear , I try to cover myself with my hands.

"What the fuck is wrong with you!!!" I scream for the first time in my life.

"My my my , someone has a loud voice after all ," his hand still on my neck now gently tighting.

"Be grateful, I didnt treat you like a real whore and tear all your clothes off," he says playing with the straps of my bra.

"Leave m - me alone, " I plead.

"Awww what happened to that  loud voice of yours now...tsk tsk next time kitten , don't try to prove me wrong , " I widen my eyes in shock. He knew my plan all along.

As if reading my mind , he smirks confirming that he did indeed know my plan.

"I don't like been proven wrong. Next time you dress this way , I'll strip you naked and make you walk in the school field. Understood?" I nod my head.

He gives my body a long over look and I blush , trying to cover myself which doesn't work. Looking into my eyes , he licks his lips.

He lefts go of my neck and  grabs my two small hands and holds them in a tight grip behind my back. He lowers his head and grazes his lips on my chest. I hold my breathe .His lips are so soft against my skin. I get a feeling I never had before and I blush from embarrassment.

He then sucks on my skin , leaving wet trails along my chest. I let out a moan because it feels so good and I hear a chuckle. He lifts his head up and smirks.

"See , such a whore,"

My heart shatters. I lower my head and my tears flow non stop. Throwing my roughly on the floor he turns to leave. I make no effort to move.

"That's where you belong , below everyone." He mutters before walking out the door.


Jason's POV

Walking to my car , I look back and see Rose's house. I completely lost it in there. I open my car door and get in. Once I'm in , I repeatedly hit my steering wheel with the palms of my hand.

When she had told me shes not a grandma , I realized her plan was to prove me and Kevin wrong. I saw the pain in her eyes but when I thought back to all the guys at school looking at her , I completely lost my cool.

I regret some of the things I said to her. Maybe I did take it to far but I needed to teach her a lesson that she is mine. Now she will think twice before dressing this way again.

I harden , when  remembering her in her underwear. Controlling myself was difficult and I almost lost control when I kissed her chest. Best seconds of my life. When she had moaned , I was ready to get her pregnant but I snapped and controlled myself again.

My mind was blown when I heard her scream and curse , it was actually quite sexy hearing her. Why did she have to be so quiet? She would of been so perfect. I can't leave her alone but i need to. I get jealous but I shouldnt.

Starting my car , i look at her house one more time before i speed off.  Kevin calls , saying he has a couple of guys tired up in my basement , who were about to do something nasty to my kitten. Guess I got my little giggypigs to help me let out some steam.

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