12:00am - 13/03

I lay awake in bed , thinking of what had happened. Jason had made me feel so....low.
I'm not a talkative person or a pretty girl but that doesn't mean he can say those things.

Thankfully , my tears have stopped falling. When I cry , I feel so hopeless. I don't feel anything now but that doesn't make it any better.

If he hates me so much , why does he care about how I dress? And how in the hell does he know so much about me and why?

I thought I could blend in over here , just like I did in my last school.

My parents have texted me earlier , saying they finally got a signal and that they won't be coming home today. It's okay,  I just want to be left alone.

I sit on my bed and read my book but I can't seem to concentrate. I put it away and open my window and look at the moon. It's much bigger today and brighter.

I sigh. For the first time in a while , I feel like talking and expressing everything I feel. I walk downstairs carrying my phone and I exit my house. I walk and sit on the stairs by my patio. I'm facing the moon and my heart feels so at ease.

"Uhmm everyone sees me as the quiet girl....," I feel abit silly talking to the moon but something just pulls me to do so.

" - sometimes they even see me as a ones that quiet they say. No ones that shy. They think I'm a psycho and I can't blame them."

The wind begins to pick up,  its icy cold air bites at my skin. I try to warm myself with my arms.

" I like being quiet. I dont know why but that's who I am. I'm not a....whore. I never was and I  never will be. I never had a boyfriend and I already know why. My heart hurt today when I heard what HE had called me..... another name added to the list of what I've been called."

Hearing my phone ping , I unlock my phone and I see I have a new message.


You looked so sexy in your underwear today kitten. I just had to taste you... I can't wait to see you tomorrow...You my whore , you my pet...Sleep well kitten ;)

I already knew who it was from. I threw my phone to the ground and with a heavy heart , I whisper.

"I wish he would die inside but live , maybe he would know how it feels."

At that very moment , the heavy wind died down immediately. Everything went silent...deadly silent. The moon turned red and I felt as if time had stopped. I woke up and turned to go back inside , for the events outside was to weird to my liking.

Walking through my lounge,  my eyes become heavy and I feel darkness closing in . I fall but I feel no pain , I'm just numb.

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